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Seniors Back In School

Seniors in College

Yes, there are seniors in college. But there are also seniors in college. American colleges are now servicing a broader student body, with students often ranging in age from about 20 years of age until about 60. Some students are old enough to be a grandparent of many other students.

Of course, there are still many more young students than old ones, but no one can deny that there are many more seniors in school now than ever before.

Seniors in College

Old people generally return to school for one or more of the following reasons. Some do so because they are interested in an increased paycheck. Other individuals have always dreamed of having a certain job, and now that they’re running out of time, are pushing themselves to fulfill their dream. There are even people (often mothers) who haven’t been working until now; they’ve been busy raising kids full-time, but now their kids are grown up and they want to spend their days doing something stimulating. There are some individuals who feel that taking courses in college will help them keep up with their younger coworkers. And then there are the people who were working at positions that are no longer needed as much due to technology, and therefore want to be trained in a different position.

Old people in college are termed non-traditional students. They often have to balance busy lives, work, and school all at once. However, colleges often appreciate having some non-traditional students, since they are many times more mature, and more knowledgeable than their younger counterparts. Older students are extremely committed to getting their degree, and can have clear goals and are seriously motivated to complete those goals.

Of course, colleges still have a long way to go in being really senior friendly, and offering nutritious foods seniors enjoy, having bathrooms equipped with the right toilet seats for seniors, and rails on the walls for a senior student to grab onto in case he loses his balance.

You may be wondering; how many old people are there in college nowadays? According to the Lumina foundation, only 13% of students nowadays live on campus. 38% of today’s college students are over 25. And if you thought college is full-time, guess what? It’s not! 58% of students are employed at a job while they’re in college.

In the Louisiana community college, the average student age is 28.

But that’s really okay, since most older people that come to college aren’t that old; they’re just not as young as the other students. They’re usually not over 55.

If someone thinks he’d find it difficult to go to college due to his age and limited physical ability, he may want to contemplate taking advantage of online college options. There are many online college cohorts available in our times.

Whether you’re 40 or 80, if you’re interested in going to college, go for it! It can be stimulating, fun, and rewarding. It’ll take determination, but you’ll get through it, and the feeling of accomplishment at the end will make it all worth it.

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