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Secret Snapchat Tricks 2022 You Might Not Know Before

It’s true that Snapchat isn’t as well-known as it once was, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of the most ground-breaking social applications of all time. Snapchat has released a plethora of new features and tools in an effort to keep up with the competition from other major social media sites. There is a good chance that you are unfamiliar with the majority of them.

Secret Snapchat Tricks

In addition to its highly recognised features like destructive messaging, disappearing stories, and how to pin someone on Snapchat that you can learn from this guide, Snapchat also includes a handsome number of less obvious functions. We have shared a wide number of Snapchat tricks below that you definitely weren’t already using.

Customisation of Snapchat

Snapchat’s Discover page is one feature that people sometimes find really bothersome. Snapchat has both educational and amusing content, but the explore tab is dominated by rumours and other irrelevant material. Not to fear, you can change or customise how Snapchat displays content in the “Discover” section.

  • Open Snapchat App
  • Go to Snapchat Viewfinder Page
  • Tap on Your Profile
  • Now Tap on Settings
  • Search for “Called Administration” Option
  • Now Find Advertising, Lifestyle and Interest
  • Unlock Categorise You Want to See

Send Money Using Snapchat

Snapcash feature was released by Snapchat only a few months ago. Snapcash now has the capability to transfer money to other users inside the app. Unfortunately, the Snapcash service is restricted to individuals residing in the United States exclusively. Follow these simple instructions to send money inside the United States using Snapchat.

  • Open Your Phone’s Camera App
  • Tap on Gear Icon
  • Scroll Down to Find “Snapcash”
  • Tap on it for Set up
  • Enter Your Credit Card Details
  • Open Chat of Your Friend You Want to Send Money to
  • Type Amount You Want to Send
  • Your Send Button will Turn into Snapcash Automatically
  • Tap on it to Confirm and You’re Done

Draw with Colour Palette

Do you share simple and boring stories with your loved ones on Snapchat? Next time you really don’t need to as Pathofex reveals a trick that you can add colour to your stories. Snapchat’s colour palette helps you draw and add your imagination to your snaps. Simply, you’ll need to:

  • Open Snapchat
  • Tap on a Picture on Snapchat
  • Find “Pen Icon” on the Right Side and Tap on it
  • You’ll see a “Colour Palette” in Venn Diagram
  • Choose any Colour You Love to Add to a Picture

You can also change the colour range by tapping on the colour palette, from pastel to simple black and white quite easily.

Context Card

This latest addition to Snapchat is unlike any other function the app has to offer. Users may add context to their Snapchat stories by swiping up on the story, at which point a card with further information will appear. The location, contact information, and critical reception may all be sent this way. This functionality is now only available in a few countries, but who knows when it may expand to serve consumers everywhere.

Web Links to Snaps

We’re all aware that Snapchat has certain restrictions on adding clickable links to its snaps and that users can’t just add any old link. However, with the most recent Snapchat update, you can now include clickable web links in your snaps that your viewers can access with a simple swipe-up action. The process of adding links to your Snapchat story has been outlined in great depth by BestforAndroid. Here’s an example:

  • Copy a Link You Need to Add
  • It’ll Automatically Add to Your Clipboard
  • Open Your Snapchat
  • Capture a Snap You Want to Share
  • On the Left, you’ll Find Options
  • Tap on the “Paper Clip” Icon
  • Paste the Copied URL
  • Tap the “Attach to Snap” Button
  • It’ll Attach Your Link to the Snap

Save Your Friend’s Stories, Videos and Snaps

Every Snapchat user is aware that all snaps, stories, and videos are deleted after 24 hours. And when that time has elapsed, you will no longer have access to them.

On the other hand, there is a simple hack that lets you quickly and easily save any Snap story, movie, or picture. And we’ll be using Snapchat’s chat functionality to make it happen.

  • Open Your Snapchat App
  • Open a Story of Your Friend You Want to Save
  • While Viewing, Swipe-up or Tap on “Chat” Text to Open a Chat Window
  • Write Something and Send
  • Now Head Over to Chat Section
  • Tap on Friend’s Name and Open Chat Window
  • Snap or a Story will Appear in Chat Window You Wrote on
  • Tap on Snap and Hold, “Saved” Message will Appear

Once a message has been SAVED, you may press and hold on to it to ‘UNSAVE’ it at any time. And that’s the end of it! You just secretly stored your friend’s photo without their knowledge. These captured images may be seen later in conversations.

Use Bitmoji Deluxe

A few months ago, Snapchat unveiled an upgraded version of its popular Bitmoji feature. This version includes many new skin tones, facial characteristics, emotions, haircuts, colours, and more, making it easier than ever to make a near-perfect clone of yourself. Here is how to do it,

  • Open Your Camera Screen on your App
  • Hit the Bitmoji Symbol and Tap on it
  • Now Follow the Two Pages
  • Choose Edit Bitmoji to Launch Updated Bitmoji App on Snapchat

Disable Snap Map

Recently, Snapchat added a new Snap Map function that shows your friends where you are, so they may join you or vice versa. However, many privacy-conscious users have been put off by this function.

All Your Friends, Select Friends, and Ghost Mode are the three sharing options that appear when you initially access the map function. If you’ve already accessed the map and would like to make a different selection, you may do so by tapping the settings gear in the upper right corner of the map screen.

Finishing this off by saying, what Snapchat tips and tricks from this article have you tried? Is there a trick that we managed to miss? If you have anything to add, feel free to do so in the comments section below, and we would love to add it.

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