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Scaling Up the Food Delivery Experience

The food delivery sector improves operations day by day with the enormous speed of technological advances. The food delivery industry has expanded its scope beyond takeout to include a wide range of products.

Food Delivery Experience

Delivery has become faster and cheaper thanks to more delivery riders and improvements in technology that help find the best routes. Because of this, many food delivery services are now having a spinning effect as they try to beat competitors by making very small profits to take over the market. Custom logistics solutions can not only increase competitiveness in the market but also improve all business processes.

Agiliway software development company had the privilege of collaborating with a leading food delivery company to revamp its platform. The client faced various technical and administrative challenges, including poor platform performance, inefficient data management, and limited automation. To address these issues, Agiliway’s team conducted a thorough business and marketing analysis to identify the most effective solutions.

Technical Challenges During the Development

In the initial stage of custom software development, there are two main objectives: to solve technical and administrative challenges. The large marketing cost expenditure and not user-friendly performance did not satisfy the client’s expectations.

To improve the client business processes, and simplify ordering and communication channels, the Agiliway team conducts a detailed business analysis roadmap. After that, to enhance the website’s functionality and structure, a technical problems examination was carried out.

The system was facing several critical issues that required immediate attention.

  1. Establish a robust data exchange and synchronization mechanism to ensure seamless data transfer between all relevant systems.
  2. Enhance the central system’s capacity and scalability to handle the growing volume of data and user traffic, preventing performance bottlenecks and ensuring seamless operation under increased demand.
  3. Implement a centralized hosting solution to manage and maintain all system components from a single location, simplifying system administration, reducing maintenance costs, and enhancing overall system stability.
  4. Integrate automation capabilities into business processes to streamline operations, reduce manual tasks, minimize human error, and improve overall efficiency.
  5. Implement a user-friendly content management system for the website, enabling easy and efficient addition, editing, and publishing of website content without requiring extensive technical expertise.
  6. Establish a data analytics platform to collect, store, analyze, and visualize relevant data, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making and continuous improvement of business operations.
  7. Resolve the delivery tracking issue by ensuring seamless integration with the delivery tracking system, enabling accurate and timely tracking of customer orders across the entire delivery process.

How Agiliway Resolved the Issues

This project’s development process was particularly extensive and complicated, with numerous phases. Following the initial needs analysis and description, our developers rebuilt part of the older functionality and increased its performance and flexibility. Furthermore, the Agiliway team concentrated on developing a solution that would meet the demands of all departments inside the company, including Marketing, Sales, Call Center, and so on, while also bringing maximum advantage to the business. The system’s implemented modifications include:

Updated Notification System

Introduced an updated notification system that informs users about available application updates without forcing them to upgrade immediately, giving users flexibility and control over their software updates.

Deep-links Feature

Implemented a deep-links feature that allows for seamless navigation within the mobile applications without requiring external redirections, enhancing user experience, and streamlining navigation.

GMSU/IVR Implementation

Introduced GMSU/IVR authentication, requiring users to confirm their phone numbers via SMS or IVR call, secure the account registration process, and ensure user identity verification.

Call Center Application

Developed a dedicated application for call center specialists, enabling them to manage orders efficiently. The application provides order tracking, operator activity monitoring, order statistics, and loyalty program management.

Payment Service Enhancements

Enhanced the payment service by enabling clients to view and analyze payment status across regions and individual restaurants, providing valuable insights into revenue performance and facilitating informed decision-making. Additionally, they introduced card-saving functionality to streamline payment processes.

Streamlined Order Fulfillment

Improved data synchronization between restaurants and the website to ensure seamless order transfer in case a restaurant is unavailable. Previously, such orders were canceled, but now they are automatically redirected to the nearest available restaurant, minimizing order cancellations, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Address Validation and Error Resolution

Implemented a robust address validation mechanism to eliminate address discrepancies and errors. This streamlined the order processing process, reduced call center involvement, and ensured accurate order fulfillment. In case an address is missing or contains inconsistencies, customers are prompted to provide additional information or contact the call center for assistance.

Enhanced SEO and Content Management

Created a redirect map and implemented canonical tags to avoid duplicate content and improve website ranking. This enhanced the organization’s online presence and attracted more visitors. Additionally, we enabled seamless content sharing across different locations with just a few clicks, ensuring timely updates across the network.

Optimized Business Hours Management

Centralized business hours management through a single file for various locations in different regions, ensuring data consistency and minimizing errors. This streamlined the process of updating business hours and prevented missed orders due to inaccurate information.

Following the implementation of these improvements, we received substantial positive feedback from customers, praising the accuracy, speed, and user-friendliness of the system. This demonstrates the positive impact on customer satisfaction.


Tackling a project of this scale presented both challenges and rewards. The Agiliway development team dedicated meticulous effort to ensure the system functioned flawlessly, data seamlessly transferred, and overall performance remained exceptional.

The front-end modifications led to a significant reduction in development and support time, alongside enhanced response speed. Embracing the ISR approach streamlined both static page updates and content management processes. The revamped system provided invaluable insights into order readiness and delivery, ultimately easing the call center’s burden.

A significant advantage of the revitalized system lies in its comprehensive data structuring. This enhancement adds immense value to the business by enabling data utilization for marketing purposes, smoother website management, and ultimately attracting a larger customer base.

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