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Responsive Training Design: All You Need To Know

Responsive Training Design

As more and more businesses are realising the benefits of online training, as a result of the current global emergency, the online training industry is welcoming more adapters than ever before.

If you count yourselves among them, and are determined to provide your learners with a comprehensive and effective training experience at their homes, then you have come to the right place.

Elearning is not what it used to be a few years ago. As technology has progressed, we’ve gone from installed learning management systems that live in a computer hard drive to making training accessible on multiple devices.

While there are a number of technologies at play that make this possible, like mobile learning solutions, understanding what is responsive training design is of utmost importance to ensure your training content is aligned with such tools and technologies.

Let us begin by understanding what responsive design is.

Responsive Design

 Simply put, responsive design is any design that is optimised for seamless display across different devices, screen sizes, and orientations.

This technology has been heavily implemented in business and non-business websites across industries and niches. It eliminates the need to scroll sideways and offer users a layout orientation that is best optimised to display the information on their screen.

This trend has also gained traction within L&D circles and has led to the rise of a number of dedicated mobile learning solutions. From apps to mobile versions of existing browser-based learning management systems, the market is witnessing a revolution.

 Benefits Of Responsive Training Design

 Improved Accessibility

 As of last year, mobile device users make up for over 53% of the worldwide internet population. Chances are, most (if not all) of your target audience for training already has a smartphone. Making sure your course is available on mobile devices will automatically mean that you anyone with a smart device can access your course.

For independent coaches and mentors, it translates to a better reach. Similarly, for  businesses, having a mobile ready course means eliminating a lot of cost that goes into setting up training infrastructure. At the same time, making your training available on mobile devices means your training will become easier to access for vendors, partners, and even customers.

 Millennial Friendly

 Millennials account for over two-thirds of the total employee base in The US. There is a good chance that much of your workforce is from the millennial generation.

The generation is attributed with the “on-the-go” revolution and is known for being tech savvy and many times, obsessed with their smartphones. Making your training material available on a device that your workforce is already using during most of their day only ensures they have fewer reasons to procrastinate or even avoid training.

Not to forget, it gives them an opportunity to consume the training content on-the-go. For instance, during their morning commute to work, allowing them to take the training at their own pace, without interfering with their time-deprived daily routines.

 Microlearning Friendly

 Microlearning is a proven method to improve the effectiveness of training. While it works brilliantly on its own, its true powers can be harnessed when it is made available on multiple devices

Your learners will be able to consume a short lesson during their lunch brea, or like in the previous example, during the commute to work.


 As mobile learning technology is improved and becomes more accessible, it is set to be the mainstream way of providing training and managing training material. Businesses and learning administrators have a chance of becoming the early adopters of the technology and reap the associated benefits.

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