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Republic Day Speech – The Most Awaited Address To The Nation

The Republic Day of India is inarguable the most important day from the historical period of the time of struggle for independence, and the phase after that when the country was trying to find its feet as a liberated nation coming out of 2 centuries of slavery and oppression. 29th January 1950 marked the day when India officially adopted the ‘Constitution of India’ as its ruling document, replacing the pseudo-national doctrine called the Government of India Act (1935). Every year since then, the 26th of January has been a day of rejoicing, a day of contemplation, a day of glory, and a day of patriotism.

India Republic Day Speech


The Republic Day – Celebrations, Speeches, and Parades

The Republic Day is the first national-level day of celebration of the year, an event of national importance, and an event that the world takes notice of. Befittingly, the government of the country ensures that the day is celebrated in a grand manner, with a grand ceremony held at the monumental Red Fort in New Delhi, and the Prime Minister of India addressing the nation. Also, the defense forces of the nation showcase their prowess and aplomb with parades and glory marches. Every citizen of the nation awaits to hear the Republic Day speech, a document that gets added to the annals of history as a document of belief, a document of progressiveness, and a document outlining the path the country will take in the coming days.






Republic Day Speeches – Words That Reverberate With Indians


Considering that the day is a mark of real adoption of independence, and a mark of the country having made a decision to set its own rule-book of governance to overthrow the pseudo-republican Government of India Act of 1935 (under the British rule), its significance is obvious. No wonders; the most intently followed aspect of Republic Day is the Prime Minister’s speech and address to the nation. Here are some facts that have always been associated with Republic Day speeches, and will continue to be associated with even the Republic Day 2023 speech by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

  • Republic Day speech is a heads up for the nation, on what the Prime Minister has in plan for the country as a part of his/her long term vision.
  • The speech is a test of oratory for the Prime Minister; because the whole country, and people from other countries are listening to it with rapt attention.
  • The Republic Day speech is a moment for the nation to revel in the glory of its achievement in the previous year, and confidently embark on another year of progressive intent and action.
  • Citizens of the nation draw a lot of confidence out of the speech made by the country’s leader at the iconic Red Fort in the national capital.
  • Every year, the speech of Republic Day is a broadcast event that has the whole nation in awe and contemplation in the morning, and right till the early noon.
  • The contents of the speech are a matter of hot discussions and debates, not only limited to the over-enthusiastic media broadcasters, but also for every citizen of the country
  • The Republic Day speech is a time-honored tradition that’s been followed for more than 6 decades now, and will continue to be adopted for the times to come as well.

Keynotes from the Iconic First Republic Day Speech

Do you know the significance of the first Republic Day speech India listened to as a republican and democratic country? When Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India, addressed the nation on 26th January, 1950, and announced that the nation was officially free from the ties of slavery to British rule, and would subsequently be governed by a single holistic doctrine that had the welfare of 320+ million Indians at its core. Also, Dr. Prasad had talked about the problem of terrorism and crime within the country and pleaded with the countrymen to live like brothers and sisters. More than sixty years later, the same, and some more problems facing the country, and the Republic Day speech will be an address about the same. The whole nation looks forward to Republic Day every year, and the speech is the core essence of the event.

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