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Refrigerator and appliance maintenance tips for LG appliances

Lucky and Gold star electronics have been serving the world with their innovative appliances for decades. Still, sometimes, due to negligence, even the best of their products do not work properly. If you have been thinking of buying home appliances from LG, but do not know if you can handle them with the required care, then we are here to guide you. 

In case you do not want to indulge in all this, then search for some home appliance repair service providers. They would help you maintain the appliance, and regular check-ups would increase the lifetime of the electronics. In Canada, you can check the LG appliance repair; they are doing a fabulous job, not only for the LG appliances but other brands too. 

Now coming back towards the main thing that is taking care of your LG home and kitchen appliances. One should follow these tips to keep the home appliances working for a longer period. 

Always unplug before cleaning. 

This is one of the biggest mistakes. You never know if the machine is still collecting some current. For your safety and to avoid any kind of unnecessary current flow, it is always advised to plug out the machine before cleaning it. 

Always use a soft sponge. 

Your oven or fridge might have a metal covering, which will make you think that you need to scrub the stains off with a hard thing. This is not the way because if you would scrub hard, the enamel will come off. It will increase the risk of short circuits and electrocution. Therefore, you should use soft sponges to clean the refrigerators and other home appliances. 

Remove the detachable parts before cleaning. 

You should always remove the detachable parts. Then it will be easier to clean; moreover, the soap and cleaning solvent will not stay there. Otherwise, it will dry out and damage the appliance. You should have a look at the user manual, too, before detaching so that you might not break anything; it is necessary because there are no alternatives for the original LG appliances. 

Clean with compatible solvents 

You should read all the instructions before using any kind of solvents. You will be surprised to know that LG experts recommend using a solution of baking soda and vinegar. It will be easier to make at home, by adding some water too. You should not use any harsh chemicals on plastic-made areas. 

Contact customer care. 

If you do not know what to do and think it is difficult, then contact customer care. The LG experts are ready to help and guide you. You should not do anything alone, without proper calculations, to avoid any kind of issues. 

Let the machine dry properly. 

Even if it is your washing machine, you still need to let it dry before using it. Wait for almost 30 minutes, and then plug it in. You can use a blow dryer to dry out the space that is packed. 

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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