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Recommended places to Install Security Cameras

You are flooded with options of indoor and outdoor security cameras. All you need to do is pick the right one and get it installed. However, before security camera installation, you should plan the positions where you want to install your surveillance cameras. Not all houses are the same, but they all deserve protection. Security cameras are a helpful tool to render a sense of security to your home by keeping an extra eye on your property all the time. Remember there is no one size fits all rule for security camera installation. Here is a guide you should consider when placing cameras in your houses.

Install Security Cameras

Exterior-front door

You may think that intruders choose side entrances to enter your house, but as per stats, 34% of the burglars take the front door to enter your house. Hence, a camera at the front door will keep a check on everyone who comes in and leaves the house. Video doorbells are a great option for the front door.

Exterior- side and back doors

Doors which are out of sight can allow undetected visitors to enter your home. Usually 1/4th of the break-ins take place through these doors. Hence to keep a check on everyone who comes and goes, you should add cameras to the secondary doors, especially if they are more used than your front door.

Garage and driveway

Burglars usually target the garage as it is one of the simplest entry points. A camera pointing towards your garage will help you keep an eye on the bikes, grills, cars, tools and everything inside them. If your garage is separate, the camera will keep you connected to it round the clock. If you have a gate where your driveway ends, then you may need a camera to spot an intruder trying to enter your house.


Keeping an eye on the yard is also important. It is also handy for capturing animals, children and trespassers.

Common places inside the house

Placing cameras in areas like the living room or kitchen will help you in keeping an eye on the kids. If you have a babysitter, you can get her attentiveness. It will give you a hold on your pet, cleaning personnel and repairmen.

Hallway or stairway

Put a camera on the major thoroughfares inside the house and it will be tough for someone to go undetected. Even if they enter through your bathroom or bedroom or any unmonitored place, they will get captured while moving around in the house.

Places where you shouldn’t install a security camera:

  • Places which violate the privacy of your neighbor.
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms.

Should you get your security cameras professionally installed?

Well choosing to install security cameras Houston depends on the type of cameras you want to install and your comfort level. Security cameras have simple installation procedures. However, a lot of these cameras work via Wi-Fi and need hard wiring. Outdoor security camera installation may be a challenge as it has limited power supply. So, it is recommended to hire a professional with camera installs.

Houston Best Security Solution is your one-stop solution to get top quality security cameras for exterior and interior use. The professionals will skillfully install your cameras with ease.

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