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Reasons Why URL Shorteners Are a Must

URL shorteners have become incredibly popular as more and more companies look to expand their audience and share vital information about their company and brand online. The reason why is because URL shorteners can take URLs – no matter how long they are on the site – and transform them into short, digestible and shareable links.


IF you are not yet using URL shorteners, then you are simply not getting any of the fantastic benefits that come with using URL shorteners.

If you want to learn about why you should be using shortener link options, keep reading!

They make links much more manageable 

The truth is that links as they are originally published on sites are pretty messy. They include tons of keywords, and other miscellaneous text that look pretty bad if you look at it. This can make it much harder for them to share and much more likely that people will actually click on it.

Link shorteners help by making links much more shareable on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more.

They can track data 

One of the reasons why people have decided to use link shorteners is because they are actually able to track crucial data regarding who actually clicks on it. Using a link shortener allows site owners to track information such as live click data, geographic locations, where the link was clicked on and much more. This will offer you seriously valuable information regarding who is clicking on your link on what site from what part of the world and more!

They promote sharing 

One of the best ways to expand your business’ reach is by going viral. In order for something to go viral, it not only has to connect to lots of people all over the world, but it also has to be highly shareable. Shortened links absolutely encourage sharing because they are much easier to copy and paste on text, in social media pages and beyond. After all, consider the fact that Tweets have character limits. If you don’t have a shortened link, how likely do you think it is that someone will copy and paste your original link without having any additional room to comment on any of it?

They can lead to better content 

One powerful reason why link shortening data is so valuable is because it offers invaluable insight regarding how to improve your content going forward. When you are able to track how many people click on your content, you will also be able to get insight into what kind of content is most interesting to your audience.

From that data that you get, you will be able to better construct content in the future that would be most interesting to your customers and audience.


It is clear that shortened links are a major benefit to your company. Now all you have to do is find the right link shortener for you and your company and start reaping the many benefits of this fantastic technology! 

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