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Reasons When You Cannot Embed A File To Your Excel Worksheet

PDF stands for Portable Document Format which has always been useful to share important information among the users. Whether it is an individual or a business person, we all keep sharing with others. When it comes to business, we cannot circumvent the importance of Excel. Most of us keep working on it all day long for different purposes. Do you know how to embed a pdf in an excel worksheet? If you then it is great as it makes you skilled and experienced.

Excel has truly taken a huge place when we do office work. Whether it is about maintaining simple or complicated data, excel always comes first at the fingertips. Though it is a huge subject to understand since a variety of formulas are used. To get smart on Excel, you must learn how to use them if function in excel and other important formulas or shortcuts.

But today, we are going to fetch your attention to why sometimes you are not able to add a file to your excel worksheet.

  • Locked Workbook or Worksheet –

Excel’s protection features located in the Review Option mentioned on the Excel ribbon are responsible for locking the specific cells you want following your worksheet file to keep its contents safe. You should truly turn off protection since it is regarded as the simple step presenting a low-level deterrent. If you activate this feature then you would not be able to add a file following Excel file. Users are allowed to unlock particular cells right before you keep your worksheet safe and completely protected. But it would help you to enter only specific text or calculation; you would not be allowed to insert a file still. To achieve file adding features, you must turn off this protection.

  • PDF Files Which Are Protected –

You may add a PDF file in your Excel Worksheet in the form of an object allowing you to have the ability to crop or resize the file. But you would not be allowed to do any editing. If your Excel sheet shows an error showing an update attempting to add a PDF to the Excel Worksheet you probably have ignored Adobe’s feature regarding Protected Mode. This feature does not allow PDF files to do everything. This mode limits the PDF file’s ability to do so. To get rid of it, you would be required to do editing following Adobe Reader’s preferences indeed.

  • Check If Your File Is Not Corrupted or Damaged –

Yes, you need to check first if your file is not corrupted, damaged, or incomplete indeed. If the file you are going to add into an excel worksheet is either damaged or corrupted then you will be having an error notification over there. You would not be allowed to add your file to Excel. There could be various reasons for damage to a file such as from email or storage or because of electricity fluctuation while a file was being saved indeed. You should go with the file-adding process once again or do add documents following this source indeed to get rid of it.

  • Security Policy Of Administration –

Yes, this can also prevent to not let you from adding a PDF file to your Excel Sheet. Yes, indeed, the system administrator may truly activate different levels of your security oriented provisions which can badly affect Microsoft Excel as well as other office applications indeed. It needs to change the security setting so that specific files could be accessed easily.

Conclusion –

So, if you are not able to add your file to an excel sheet, you should check these points indeed. Emphasizing these points will shoot your trouble.

Raj Hirvate
Raj Hirvate
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