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RailRestro – Revolutionizing E-Catering, Order Food on Trains with This Amazing App

RailRestro - Revolutionizing E-Catering, Order Food on Trains with This Amazing App1

We always feel hungrier when we travel. If we do not carry our food and refreshment, we always have to live by the food items sold by the local vendors at the stations, and by the pantry cars in compartments of the train. Train food on Indian Railways has always been controversial for its poor quality and taste. The food served by pantry cars has robbed the passengers of the joy of travelling. The unhygienic food practices followed at food stalls and by food vendors also affect the health of the passengers.

In the present era of internet technology, E-catering services by IRCTC offer the best and most lucrative option for efficient delivery of all types of fresh and hygienic food on the train. IRCTC E-catering services have revolutionized the way people are savouring their favourite food while travelling. In order to alleviate the passengers’ anxiety and fulfil their need for hygienic food in train, RailRestro has brought the service of e-catering in trains for delivery of fresh and tasty food at your train seat in the station of your choice.

RailRestro is an authorized IRCTC partner who has been serving passengers since 2015. It started with an aim to offer more extensive food choices for train travellers and to serve hygienic food in train journeys. It also ensures proper delivery of items sourced from FSSAI-approved restaurant partners only. RailRestro has tie-ups with over 450 restaurants across India and serves more than thousands of trains.

It has been established with the objective that the food ordered adheres to the quality norms as per the IRCTC e-catering guidelines. RailRestro focuses on the availability of a wide variety of menu, flavour, and hygiene, and also ensures that meals are delivered exactly as desired by customers. With RailRestro, you can get delicious food on the train, wherever you want, whenever you want.

E-catering has changed the food buying pattern of Indian passengers

The necessity for clean and hygienic food is the primary concern for people travelling by train. Today, every passenger chooses food which is good in quality and which does not affect their health. They responsibly choose their food partners as the technology has made everything transparent. So, IRCTC-approved partners who serve quality food have become the preference of every traveller. 

RailRestro has evolved as a great solution to Indian passengers

RailRestro cares for every passenger and adheres to the safety and hygiene guidelines by IRCTC e-catering. They only tie-up with FSSAI-approved restaurants and regulate food safety policies. More than 450 restaurants partners are serving the passengers with healthy, hygienic, fresh and quality foods. There is a galore of varied cuisines in the menu such as South Indian, Rajasthani, Gujrati, North Indian, Hyderabadi food, pizza, and more. 

Stay away from unauthorized food vendors at Railway Stations

Stay away from unauthorized food vendors at Railway Stations

The local food stalls at the stations sell snack items and other street food. Unfortunately, the food is not prepared hygienically and is exposed to flies and contaminations. The people had to face a lot of inconveniences while travelling due to increased incidences with continually reported food adulteration complaints and absence of quality checks. Therefore, people started refraining from getting food from the local vendors and preferred online food order apps.

Understanding the basic needs of the Indian railway passenger, RailRestro introduced an excellent platform to deal with the food concerns of train passengers. Making use of modern internet and mobile-friendly apps, RailRestro has rapidly advanced the technology of e-catering in train.

RailRestro E-catering services perfectly comprehend the need of food for train passengers

Today, people prefer to order food online in trains, especially when the journey is more than four hours. The train travellers utilize trusted E-Catering IRCTC-authorized apps and order food of their preference from trusted food providers at their desired station. Ordering food on the wheels is now a convenient option with passengers using food delivery apps in trains.

Order food online in train using RailRestro App

Using the RailRestro interface, you can quickly place your order and enjoy a delectable meal on the rails. Ordering food in train from RailRestro is a simple process:

  1. Enter the PNR number or Train number in the required field.
  2. You will be offered a list of food options to choose as per your needs.
  3. For payment, multiple prepaid options are available, including the COD (cash on delivery). Exciting offers and discounts are available in prepaid food orders on the train.
  4. Get a delicious box of happiness at your seat. 

The extensive food options available while travelling on an Indian train

The extensive food options available while travelling on an Indian train

The Indian railway food menu is a delight with its extensive range of flavourful dishes for every food and travel enthusiast. RailRestro helps you taste the varieties of meals and fulfils the desire of trying a new cuisine during your journey.

  • Healthy meals on the train: With a list of tasty food choices on RailRestro, you can’t resist buying the treats to satiate your cravings. Paratha, idli, dosa, khichdi, soup, sabudana khichdi, salad, juice, are the healthy meals you can avail at your seat using RailRestro.
  • Pizza in train: With so many options available, pizza is something which is delectable and soothes taste buds too. Ordering pizza on the train can make it more pleasant.
  • Food for toddlers:RailRestro understands your care for your toddlers’ health. RailRestro’s premium catering partners especially care for your toddlers and provide customized baby food as per your requirement. Fruits, dal khichdi, oats, milk, soup are some of the foods they deliver on the trains for toddlers.
  • Jain food in train: Jain food order is delivered with special care. RailRestro serves this pure veg food following strict hygiene norms. They have tie-ups to pure Jain food restaurants across India that offer varieties of delicious options for their Jain communities.
  • Regional food on wheels: Variety of options like vegetarian Thali, Non-Veg Thali, Chicken curry, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Bengali, Chinese cuisines, Jain food, Hyderabadi biryani, and more are available through e-catering in trains.
  • Desserts:Desserts like cake, gulab jamun, halwa, ice cream, etc. are also available to add to your joy.

Why should you prefer an online food order on the train rather than a pantry car or station food? 

The e-catering service by IRCTC food partners in trains has many advantages over the pantry car food and the ones which are sold at the stations.

  • Simple and convenient process: The mobile application of RailRestro is responsive and easy to operate. Passengers can easily download it in any android mobiles as well as in iPhone to order food in train.
  • The online bill summary is available to customers:Passengers can retrieve their bill online sent on their registered e-mail id or by SMS.
  • Transparency in food Prices:There are no overcharging or hidden charges of food prices. The pricing of the food is transparent and feasible for the customers.
  • Hygienic meals: Hygiene and food safety is the primary priority. Therefore, all the restaurants associated with FSSAI guidelines adhere to the utmost care and attention. It uses fresh ingredients, proper packaging, and maintains the highest standards of hygiene.
  • Ample variety of train food: With over 450 restaurants and vendors to choose from, you have multiple options to pick. You get plenty of cuisines to choose from light snacks to a heavy meal.
  • Easy-to-order: You can place your food order using one of the three ways. You can download the RailRestro app on your mobile phone, visit the official website or call on 8102202203.
  • Multiple payment options: Passengers can quickly pay online using credit cards, debit cards, UPIs or cash on delivery as per their convenience.
  • Accessible to Use: The introduction of online food delivery apps has completely transformed the food and beverage industry. The ease of use of food delivery apps is unparalleled. Download the RailRestro app, enter your PNR, choose a meal and get the ‘delicious box of happiness’ after completing the payment using a suitable digital payment method.

Spice up your journey with RailRestro!

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