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Quick Tips on How to Design Amazing Education Websites

Description: What makes an educational website reliable and memorable? Check out our tips for developing a relevant and trustworthy platform for students.

Tips and Ideas for Designing Education Websites

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to imagine education without modern technology. We have access to all kinds of information around the world and can make great use of it. The Internet provides one with a lot of opportunities! Depending on whether you are a student or professor, with the help of the Internet, you can:

  • Find all the necessary information for any college project.
  • Check the relevant academic standards.
  • Watch educational videos on any topic.
  • Participate in online courses and academic events.
  • Develop and use effective and interesting educational strategies.
  • Widen your knowledge and develop particular skills, etc.

However, to be able to enjoy all these opportunities, you should find a reliable source/platform providing them online. It is also important to understand what the signs of a good educational website are. Developers, in their turn, will find it useful to know how to design an educational website to gain users’ trust and positive feedback.

What Makes an Amazing Education Website?

What do you expect from a website you’ll use for various academic purposes? Here, we will take a look at several important design aspects that can boost your website’s reputation, reliability, and usefulness.

The color scheme and overall concept

The website should be designed in one-palette colors in order not to irritate a user. To get the best results, you can use one of the online platforms with “palette generator (NOFOLLOW).”  When all the colors are harmoniously combined, users will find it a lot more enjoyable to visit your website and spend more time there. Also, you can create a character that will be a symbol of your platform (for example, Twitter’s blue bird).

Easy navigation

No user wants to be lost among all the links and pages. It’s convenient when a student or teacher can find everything they need on your website in two clicks. Make sure you have a proper sitemap, eliminate all redundant pages, and arrange everything logically. Pay attention to other websites to consider their landings and pages. For example, you can go to any academic platform  (e.g., and see that its URL corresponds to the content, while all the important sections like “About Us,” “Process,” or “Services” are visible and easy to navigate.

Content update and Highlights

Well, that is a number one priority. Work on the content of your website and use only reliable information sources to fill your website with relevant facts, current academic standards, rules, up-to-date news, etc. No one will visit your website if you have outdated info, useless rules, and confusing guidelines (even if they are education-related). Make the headlines of your articles in bold to draw users’ attention, highlight crucial points, and show related pages that can be useful for your visitors.

Adjustment to different devices

Adapting your website to different devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) will definitely increase the number of your visitors and make your platform easy to access anywhere and anytime. If you want to use one of free educational website design templates, make sure it works with different resolutions and devices.

Feedback section

Let users leave comments on your articles, guidelines, and other posts you are planning to put on your website. By providing different communication options, you show your visitors that your website is popular and useful. Also, it is a good idea to improve your site by taking into consideration all the testimonials and comments. This way, you will meet all the expectations and make your platform stand out from others.

The best tip, however, would be to take into consideration any mistakes you can notice on other websites. Don’t repeat the errors of your competitors and come up with a refined modern educational website design that will make students and teachers want to visit your platform again and again.

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