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QR Code Generator Online

The QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode (flat) for storing precise information that can be accessed through its reading, via a Smartphone, for example. Many websites offering the creation of QR code for free and without registration required.

QR Code Generator Online

Mainly used on paper (catalog, flyer), museums, public transport, it can also be interesting to have one on his business card. Indeed, the QR Code makes it possible to store various information, such as:

  • A phone number, triggering the call after the code scan.
  • Same thing for an SMS.
  • Email preparation.
  • Connecting to a WiFi network.
  • Opening a map.
  • Contact details of a business card.
  • Creating an event on the calendar.
  • Simply text.

So, indeed, the QR Code is not as used anymore as before. The fault in part to smartphones that do not include an application to scan them. It is usually mandatory to install an application to read the barcode and access the data it contains.

The QR Code is nevertheless an excellent way to attract future customers, to provide more information about an article/object, etc. Many websites allow you to create a QR Code. Here is a selection, which is free and without registration required. is a reference in the field of QR Code creation. Its customization possibilities are very advanced and allow having a unique QR Code. The creation is done in two stages. You choose the type of QR Code to create: web address, business card, free text, phone, sending an email, sending SMS, geolocation, calendar, or WiFi network. Fill in the different fields requested and validate.

Then you can customize the QR Code. To obtain your QR Code, you must download it. provides you with a ZIP file containing your QR Code in PNG format as well as a PDF file acting as broadcast advice.

QRCode Monkey: QRCode Monkey is quite complete in the list of features it offers. First, all types of QR codes are available. The creation of a QR code is very simple, step by step. Start by filling in the different fields related to the chosen type, then follow through with the customization of the QR code.

Several elements are modifiable, like the color of the code, the background, the possibility of adding a logo to the center, the forms of the QR code patterns, etc.

Finally, you can download the generated QR code in PNG, SVG, PDF, or EPS format. For these last two, some personalization settings will not be taken into account. QRCode Monkey also provides an API for creating QR code with all the customization available.

QR Droid: QR Droid is very easy to approach. The tool is clearly in the essentials, and the number of features is limited. All types of QR codes are available, and you just have to choose one and fill in the information requested. Level customization, you can select the size from a list of values and the color of the QR Code. The image is then available for download. is an online QR code generator that offers to create QR code for free and without registration.

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