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QA And Testing Services: What Do They Contain, And How Can They Level Up Your Business?

Efficient QA analysis is indispensable to maintaining consistency in a company’s workforce. QA is also helpful for optimising a solution’s delivery and impacts the production process, including packaging, operations and stock management.

QA And Testing Services

By implementing quality assurance services, you can not only meet your client’s needs, but also make your documentation more accurate and monitor your company’s performance efficiently. Testing, for its part, implies working on code quality within the technical arena.

In which way do Quality Control and Quality Assurance teams cooperate?

At the software development agency PNN Tech, QA specialists analyse feedback given by QC experts. Thus, the QA department aims at identifying malfunctions in current operations and preventing risks that may potentially arise.

A thorough analysis of each piece of software may be challenging; hence, experienced software development companies use sampling techniques to optimise the workflow.

The role of a Quality Assurance expert and primary responsibilities may vary slightly depending on the given industry. However, among the main competencies, we need to highlight the following:

  • mapping out test plans (including automated scripts for them)
  • working on quality software code standards
  • system and integration testing
  • feature and usability testing

QA has four repetitive phases, such as:

Plan. First of all, the team agrees on the primary objectives and defines corresponding processes leading to high-quality product delivery.

Do. In line with the roadmap, QA experts introduce changes to operations.

Check. Then specialists analyse how the renewed system functions and define whether they align with predetermined objectives.

Act. The QA team enhances the system’s productivity by implementing additional actions.

From what to start your quality assurance procedure?

  • Map out your roadmap. An initial plan has to contain expected results, strategies and instruments overview. Please also consider whether the project aim aligns with your company’s objectives and how the product can be upscaled when needed.
  • Hire talents. You may take advantage of outsourcing if you do not have an onboard QA specialist. PNN Tech company utilises the most proven communication instruments and services to collaborate consistently at each project stage.
  • Handle documentation. Getting transparent and correct documentation is a precondition for fruitful development. At this stage, it is significant to achieve an in-depth understanding of the future solution’s functionality by all team members.

Most widespread types of testing practices

  • Exploratory Testing. It mostly depends on a tester’s capacity to define bugs and malfunctions using creativity.
  • Integration Testing. Implies evaluating various modules or software parts to make sure they perfectly correspond to each other.
  • Negative Path Testing. Conducted for imitating error state and defining whether the system can handle it.
  • Regression Testing. Aimed to find out if new functionality negatively impacts existing feature’s set, which has already been tested.
  • Test Case. Mostly presupposes identifying whether a concrete feature performs its role as expected and drawing up specified preconditions for that.
  • White Box. In other words, performing tests with no codebase involved at a structural level.

If you want to inspect your existing software or develop a more optimised platform in line with all security requirements and technological demands, contact the PNN Tech specialists at

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