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Proven Strategies To Increase SEO ProficiencyOn AjQuery Website

It is not new jQuery was launched in web design. Launched in 2006, jQuery has become more and more popular among the web developers. This is all due to the huge potential of this that enables the web developers to:

  • Stylize the different elements on a web page
  • Turn a static HTML code into a more dynamic user interface and most importantly
  • It simplifies the web development and designing process.
    Proven Strategies To Increase SEO ProficiencyOn AjQuery Website

Therefore, jQuery has been the most significant inclusion as a web designing and development tool. The best thing about it is that it is light weight and it also complies with all of the industry standards including CSS3.

Another significant benefit of using jQuery is that it allows the web developers to create useful and effective plugins that enables them to create concepts that are associated with low-level interface and simulation.

In short, with jQuery, the web developers will be able to design the most active and powerful website.

Looking at the other side

However, all are not good with jQuery and it is for this reason you must be more careful and knowledgeable when you use it. Otherwise, it will inevitably affect your ranking in Chicago, IL SEO.

In spite of the ability of jQuery to include different effects and flashy tricks on a web page and design, there are a few specific factors of jQuery that may create some detrimental effects on your search engine optimization efforts if you use it incorrectly.

The most significant detrimental effect that jQuery can have is on the search engine spiders. These are actually the search engine crawlers that are responsible for different aspects that will affect the SEO of your site such as:

  • Marking your web content
  • Presenting it to the search engines for ranking your site.

That means you will need to make sure that the spiders access the information at all times. If it remains in the jQuery, it will not be able to crawl your web pages therefore hindering the pages from appearing on the search engine result pages for the viewers see.

Strategies to ensure better SEO

There are a few specific strategies to follow that will help you to maintain a high search engine ranking and at the same time will also help you to ensure that your website and its every page have an excellent user interface.

  • Always offer a relevant content: This may seem to be a no-brainer and also a bit contradictory at times. However, the relevancy of your content will always play a very significant role in your SEO. When an SEO content is unavailable due to a disabled script, it will then be difficult, if not impossible, for the search engine spiders to find it. That means it will not be able to index your website.
  • Add a relevant link: This means that you will need to make sure that when you are loading your content it essentially contains a link that will direct the users to a static version of the content on the page as well. This will invariably enhance your SEO efforts and rankings and at the same time ensure that all your relevant content of the page is appropriately indexed by the search engines.
  • Avoid using blank or useless links: When it comes to using links make sure that you do not use links that are useless or blank. In most cases, the button used for jQuery events is actually an anchor tag. It contains a href. This basically points nowhere. It may also contain JavaScript call. Make sure that you consider the worthiness of using such links always before using it. If you are not extremely sure, then it is better not to use it as that will affect your SEO efforts.
  • Keep script to the external files: Always be very cautious to use jQuery and keep it out of the HTML page. Even better, keep the jQuery scripts in an external JavaScript file. Make sure that it is referenced to avoid confusion. This is typically an old trick but it is still very helpful and relevant in boosting your SEO efforts and rankings. Just make sure that you drop blocks of JavaScript somewhere else in your code in the mark up. This will ensure that it can only be executed when a particular element is written in the DOM.
  • Streamlining your X-HTML: When you look at most of the jQuery-based features you will see that most of these involve a lot of additional HTML tags. These tags are typically used for user interface but are extraneous to the search engine spiders. Therefore, it is important that you slim down your HTML.
  • Do not create HTML just to fit the jQuery of your website: This will help you make your pages easily accessible to the end users. Ideally, you must always code your JavaScript in such a way that it fits well into your HTML. This will make sure that the things do not occur the other way around.

For example, if you want to have tabbed content on your pages, it is important that you make sure that the basic page has contents of all the tabs one after the other. It is only then you will be able to use jQuery that will help you in turn to assign CSS Classes and event Handlers on page load. This in turn will help you to collapse the content that you want to hide.

When you develop your pages in this way it will ensure that you meet with the essential principles of creating more advanced enhancement. This will provide better and more SEO benefits as well as accessibility to the users to your website and web pages. On the other hand, if you load the page without JavaScript, then all the content in it will be stillvisible.

Therefore, proper use of jQuery will ensure elements are added more dynamically in the pages so that you can optimizing the structure to eliminate the unnecessary code as well as the search engines.

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