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Protect Your Cell Phone

Cell phones are expensive, and like car keys and sunglasses, they are prone to getting dropped because they are constantly in your hands getting transferred from one location to another. Keep your cell phone in tip-top shape by following these care and maintenance guidelines.

Protect Your Cell Phone

Protect the Exterior

You will drop your phone. Everyone does. Plan for this eventual bit of clumsiness by keeping your phone well protected in an impact-resistant case.  A good case is like car insurance – you hope you never need it, but you’re so glad you have it in case something goes wrong. In addition to the case, save yourself from having to get cell phone repair Odessa TX by installing a glass screen protector that will, in most cases, prevent your screen from shattering if (when) it gets dropped.

Clean Carefully

Phones are powerful yet delicate. They withstand constant use but are easily destroyed. Keep your phone safe and clean and away from dangerous places such as the bathroom. Bathrooms present a whole host of dropping opportunities, and they are filled with germs. When you take your phone into the bathroom, you expose it over and over again to the same conditions as your hands without the ability to wash off the germs. Everything your hands touches in a bathroom also touches your face through your phone. Do yourself a favor and buy a crossword book for the bathroom and leave your phone put away. Avoid liquid cleanser and carefully wipe off your phone with a special microfiber cloth that won’t scratch.

Keep It Cool, Not Cold

Don’t let your phone overheat. Don’t leave it on your dashboard. Don’t charge it in the sun. If your phone feels hot, take it out of the case and put it on a hard surface like a counter and not on a pillow or blanket. At the same time, don’t let your phone get too cold. Try to use it only when it has warmed up to room temperature.

Beware of Pockets

You may laugh at the nerd with the cell phone holster on his belt, but he’s actually doing a better job protecting his phone than you are. Pockets are dangerous places for phones. Phones can fall out of pockets when you move. A phone can also break in your pocket if you accidentally sit down on it or get inadvertently pushed into a hard surface. Other objects in pockets like keys or change can scratch phones.

Cell phones are a big investment, so treat yours like one. Replacing a destroyed phone is a pain. Make sure it’s done when you’re ready to upgrade rather than because of an avoidable accident.

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