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Privacy Tools Of 2019: Use The Best Ones!

The issue of security on the Internet today is more relevant than ever. Sometimes it is necessary to protect not only the user’s data but also information about his family, work, business partners. 

Privacy Tools Of 2019

Fortunately, today there are a huge number of privacy tools that will allow you to search the Internet and at the same time remain in incognito mode and under reliable protection!

Privacy tools: Top 5 Internet Assistant! 


Privacy Tools Of 2019

Operating system: Windows, MacOS, Linux

Utopia is a P2P ecosystem, which is based on the principle of decentralization architecture. It means that the system does not have a single server that stores user data. Now every user is a peer: both client and server at the same time. All data is securely protected and stored thanks to multi-level encryption based on a high speed Elliptic Curve 25519 and 256-bit AES.

In addition, Utopia is a closed system with a wide range of functionality that can be used by every user:

  • uMessenger is an anonymous messenger designed to exchange encrypted text and voice messages.
  • uMail is a file-sharing service that allows you to send confidential files and documents of any format.
  • Idyll Browser is a closed system designed for anonymous surfing on the Internet.
  • uWallet – allows conducting anonymous financial transactions on the Internet, for which the cryptocurrency – cryptons is used.


Privacy Tools Of 2019

Operating system: Windows, MacOS, Linux

Tor works on the principle of onion routing: the data that you send passes through special servers of the utility, and then gets to the external environment through an additional server. That is, the system works with chains of proxy servers, providing an anonymous connection to the network.

An important advantage of TOR is the most simple interface, which makes it easy to use. In addition, you do not have to connect any additional features. As soon as you download the web browser and install it, you will immediately be able to surf the Internet in incognito mode. 


Privacy Tools Of 2019

Operating system: Windows, MacOS

It operates on the engine Chhomiim and performs several functions:

  • blocks all advertisements on the site;
  • blocks loading modules;
  • tracks your cookies.

The process of data encryption takes place through SSL HTTPS protocols. In addition, the web browser conducts all data through several proxy servers.

Epic protects data, for which it has a secure search engine core. It blocks many different types of trackers, including scripts, cookies, agents, etc. The default privacy settings are set to disable all potentially dangerous browser mechanisms, including keeping history, saving passwords, caching pages, synchronizing with Google servers, autocomplete, etc.

Comodo Dragon

Privacy Tools Of 2019

Operating system: Linux, Android, Windows

Comodo Dragon browser is based on Chromium technology. Comodo implements several interesting security mechanisms of its design:

  • domain validation, which identifies and isolates external SSL certificates from internal ones;
  • refusal to use cookies and other mechanisms that are potentially dangerous in terms of tracking user actions;
  • prevention of the possibility of tracking user downloads.

SRWare Iron 

Privacy Tools Of 2019

Operating system: Linux, Android, Windows, Mac OS

The program is somewhat similar to the appearance of the web browser Google Chrome because SRWare Iron is based on the engine Chhomim.

The main advantage of the program is that most of the extensions that you use for Google Chrome, here will also be available for use. And with other basic functions that perform web browser from Google, SRWare Iron copes perfectly. The main difference is that the protected browser provides the complete privacy of the user.

As we know, the absolutely safe assistant does not exist, as there is no absolute security in principle. Each of the presented solutions has known advantages and disadvantages.

It can be noted that we’ve reviewed the products that provide a higher level of security compared to the most popular browsers! The choice is up to you!

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