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Pool Maintenance 101

Some people may think that once you install a swimming pool in your home, it only involves installation and minimal upkeep, such as skimming the surface every once in a while and adding the weekly chlorine. That sentiment could not be further from the truth. Swimming pools require daily and weekly maintenance if it is to stay clean and safe to swim in.

There is nothing more disastrous than when the wrong chemical levels are mixed together. This can make your pool unswimmable and at worse your backyard air unbreathable. Or, if a pool grows uncontrollable algae due to lack of upkeep, it can damage the expensive liner of your swimming pool. Which will require you to get some pool resurfacing done & that isn’t cheap.  A little bit of maintenance and time spent can keep you from handing over hard earned money to a professional to clean your pool when it gets out of hand.

Therefore, we have put together the tips for pool maintenance 101! Take note and make sure that you don’t use too much chlorine.

Circulation of Water is Key

First and foremost, you want to focus on the circulation of your swimming pool. A pool must have regular circulation and movement, otherwise, algae will grow and cloudy water will begin to be a part of your everyday life. The pool must refrain from being stagnant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Electric pumps are what can take the guesswork out of that. They do come standard on most pool installations, so keeping your pool circulated is just a matter of maintaining that pump.

Keep Your Pool Clean

An obvious rule of thumb for any pool owner is to keep your pool clean with the proper techniques. A pool with good circulation does a solid job of keeping most dirt and debris at bay, however, you still need to do your part to maintain your investment. Vacuuming and skimming your swimming pool regularly each week will make sure that your swimming pool is in pristine condition and always ready for a dive in. While vacuums can be pricey, a good self-cleaning vacuum is most definitely worth the investment when all that is needed is to turn it on and let it clean the pool’s floor. In the long run, when it’s time to do some pool remodeling it is a lot easier to do.

Balance the Chemicals

And finally, the cardinal rule of all pool cleaning and maintenance is the chemistry of your pool. It is vital to test the pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels of your pool each week. Only after you test these levels can you add any chemicals to your pool. Even the slightest slip up can inadvertently make your pool a danger zone. Swimming pool testing kits are widely available at any pool supply store. Easy to read and easy to execute, swimming pool chemistry is often a forgotten responsibility of a pool owner that is an important part of maintaining a beautiful pool.

As with anything that is worth its value, a pool takes a lot of TLC to keep running smoothly. As long as you focus on the three C’s: Circulation, Cleaning, and Chemistry, you will be all set to enjoy your hard end swimming pool. The last thing you need is your favorite floaty toy.

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