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Paybis Liquidity Services

Paybis Liquidity Services

What are Liquidity Services?

Liquidity Services are services provided to customers by financial agents to enable customers to easily conduct transactions. Liquidity Services, Inc. (Bethesda, Maryland companies headquarters) is an online marketplace and integrated service platform that provides businesses, government clients, and buying customers with surplus assets for buying and selling.
Paybis a UK-based cryptocurrency exchange, founded in 2014. The exchange provides cryptocurrency to fiat trading and is considered to be one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange min the Baltics. Paybis business services also provide it, customers, with great opportunities for liquidity services.

Paybis Liquidity Services

Paybis is a Fintech company that has liquidity partnership with Simplex. This partnership kicked off in 2018. With the help of Paybis’ liquidity services, Simplex now provides excellent payment processing services while also combating online fraud without having to put their time and resources to support crypto infrastructure or deal with AML/KYC checks.
This partnership has also helped in such a way that once Simplex receives a payment from its customers, Paybis immediately settles the cryptocurrency to the customer’s wallet address. Through partnership, Simplex users can also sell cryptocurrency and receive fiat funds to their bank cards. Amazing right!!

Why Secure Paybis Liquidity Services

Paybis provides a ready-made infrastructure to enter the crypto industry for a really low fee. Choose Paybis gives you the ability to focus on your business and customers instead of developing a complicated technical solution.
They accept and send crypto on your behalf via simple API integration that gives you the freedom to build your business the way you want.

Getting Started with Paybis Liquidity Services

Becoming is quite easy. With the following few steps, you can easily become a partner with Paybis.
1St Step: your details (full name) will be needed, followed by the companies name and website with an email address.
2nd Step: Fill in the business or industry type of payment processing. If it’s E-money business, bank, gaming, affiliate or referral network or state if otherwise.
3rd Step: Select your origin and anticipated annual transaction volume in USD.
4th Step: select the cryptocurrency desired. Examples are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple e.t.c.
5th Step: Finally describe the type of business and click the “submit” button.
That’s all, quite easy again right!

Advantages of Paybis Liquidity Services

Paybis a top strategic partner one can ever think of partnering with. The following are reasons and advantages of partnering with Paybis liquidity services:
 Paybis has a ready-made crypto infrastructure for your business.
 Paybis gives your customers direct access to cryptocurrency.
 Paybis helps you fulfill your customers’ expectations and even exceed them leaving them fully satisfied.
 Paybis is flexible and stands open to new ideas and changes according to your needs.
 Paybis helps mitigate risk.
Having known about Paybis liquidity services, if you want to move your business to greater heights and satisfy your customers beyond their expectations visit to become a partner today.
Want growth in your business? Paybis Liquidity Services has the perfect solution!!

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