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Our Favorite Miami Car Accident Lawyers

The most apparent consequence of getting involved in a car accident is physical injury.

Beyond the burden of recuperating from your injuries and trying to return to your usual way of life, there is a mammoth of other potential consequences of an accident.

Car accidents happen when you least anticipate, and the financial, emotional, and social setbacks could change your life in a flash.

Our Favorite Miami Car Accident Lawyers

Without a doubt, you’ll have substantial medical bills piling up that may not be covered by your insurance company. At the same time, you may have huge repair bills, or the cost of replacing your vehicle may be enormous, especially if you don’t have a comprehensive insurance cover of your car.

Besides, the emotional hardship and pain, coupled with the inability to go to work could be devastating. Worse still, if your job doesn’t have the provision for a paid sick leave, you may suffer from the frustration of having to stay home without being productive.

Additionally, there’s a high likelihood your insurance company would increase the rates exponentially, even if it weren’t your fault if they find out about your accident. You may be shocked to see an exponential rise on your premium as long as the accident is on your driving record.

No one wants to wade through the legal complexities associated with car accidents or spend colossal sums of money trying to secure their insurance cover.

That said, hiring a paralegal to represent you would be an incredibly beneficial step. In this article, we’ve collated information on what you need to know about hiring a car accident attorney in Miami.

Help with insurance

Unsurprisingly, insurance companies are out to make profit – not to help victims of car accidents genuinely.

Once your record shows that you’ve been involved in a car accident before, your premium would multiply hundreds of times over, consequently contributing to your financial burden in the long term.

Most insurance companies have complexities in their policies that help them pay out as little as possible to cover any damages you receive in a car accident.

While this minimal payout reduces the company’s overall costs and helps the business owners keep expenditures incredibly low, it certainly would be insufficient for your needs.

Keeping this factor in mind, choosing an attorney at The Felicetti Law Firm becomes of vital importance. With one of our representatives, your payout and compensation would be a top priority.

Aggressive representation in court

If you choose to forego hiring a paralegal and decide to represent yourself in court, you run an entirely different kind of risk.

Keep in mind that you’ll only have one chance, and the odds of being unsuccessful would be quite high. Besides, if you make a mistake in the course of your argument, you could end up losing the lawsuit and paying out more than the attorney fees.

Hiring a paralegal from The Felicetti Law Firm will ensure you have someone on your side who has your best interest in mind.

Your assigned attorney will work hard to ensure you have the top attention and fight for you to receive proper attention since they know your rights and what you truly deserve.

Proving liability in court

Lawsuits around car accidents rely heavily on reports from the police and witnesses who may have been around the scene.

In some instances, you may need evidence from these reports to prove innocence.

For this reason, having the help of an attorney from The Felicetti Law Firm would help ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

If your negotiations with your insurance company prove to be futile, you’ll need the help of an attorney to prove that the other party is at fault.

Keep in mind that all our paralegals are professionals, and would stick to the legal jurisdictions to ensure that everything falls in your favor.

Sticking to the time limits

Across the US, there is a statute of limitations for filing a claim after an automobile accident.

In other words, different states, including Miami, impose limitations on the time frame within which you are able to bring legal action such as a claim or dispute.

One of the notable benefits of hiring an attorney from The Felicetti Law Firm is that they have a thorough understanding of this timeframe.

It is imperative to file your claim within the specified timeframe since filing after this period would forfeit your right to sue.


Over the years, the frequency of fatal and non-fatal car accidents across the US has continually increased.

Even the most cautious of drivers are never able to avoid the risk of getting involved in an accident in its entirety.

For this reason, it’s critical that you always get prepared in case such an eventuality occurs.

If you get involved in an accident, hiring an attorney who would represent you has overwhelming benefits than representing yourself.

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