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Online Casino Card Games Strategies and Odds

Many gamblers inquire, “Do I stand the same chances of winning with online casinos?” The short answer is yes. In fact, online casinos increase your chances of winning with bonuses, payouts, and cashback. The games you play are derivatives of conventional brick-and-mortar casino games. Card games still require the same skill to win, and slot games need luck. To ensure you max out your winnings, you need to employ some strategies. This article will discuss the best methods to win legal online poker, Baccarat, and other card games. The tips are best for novices and established players who aim to increase their bankroll.

Online Card Games

Find a Reliable Online Casino

Strategies are pointless if you win and can’t access the money. Since online casinos are technology-based, there are many of them. Discerning the best casino with monetary ethics is the primary step before beginning your gambling career.

Reputable online casinos have better odds, real-time payouts, and usable bonuses. On the flip side are shady casinos that pay bonuses with a catch. You may spot an online casino offering up to a 200% bonus on your first deposit, but you have to complete 400% gambles for your first wager to use the premium. Steer clear from unscrupulous sites.

A licensed casino with KYC and an auditing firm indicates you are dealing with professionals. Always look for an online casino you can trust beforehand.

The Games with the Best Odds

Some of the online casino games have higher odds than others. It doesn’t mean they are any easier to play. You may lose and win, but the payouts are lucrative if you win. A game with good odds and a low house edge will increase your payout.

A classic example is Texas Hold ‘em. Out of a deck of 52 cards, if you hold spades of Q and 9 and on the table is J, 2, and 7 and A of diamonds, then you have 9 outs. Your percentage of winning is 20%. The calculation is 52- the cards in your hand – the cards dealt- spades card remaining.

Despite the brain-churning calculations, let’s dive into the card games with the best odds and how to win them. Spoiler: You may have to throw out the window strategies your uncle Bob taught you. Let’s unlearn and relearn.

1. Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular game amongst many online gamblers, predominantly high rollers. The game has a 98% RTP (return to player) average and a low house edge up to 0.5%. Players aim to get close to 21 without going overboard to win. The house maintains the edge in the long run; however, you can use tried and tested strategies to scoop some quid in the short term.

Ø Splitting

Splitting in Blackjack involves branching your deck into separate groups. Say you have a hand with 10 and 8. You can break them into a hand containing eight as its highest card and ten as the other’s highest number. In such a case, you have a 2/3 chance of being dealt the same hand, and thus you increase your chance of winning. If you get the exact pair, you now have three hands that could win. The strategy also stretches out your bankroll, and you can recoup initial losses with it.

Ø Busting

If your hand value exceeds, you win the dealer’s win on other card games. In Blackjack, forget about that. If you have cards equaling the dealer’s hand, you will lose. In such a case, split the cards. However, still aim to get close to 21 before the dealer collects your hand.

2. Poker

You may play against the computer or a live dealer in online poker. Player vs. computer takes a short time, but the machine may beat you most of the time. The drawback with a live dealer is the game is time-consuming. Regardless of the time, strategies will make the best if any option.

Ø Martingale strategy

The strategy’s origin is questionable. However, it works. The basis of Martingale is the rate of return in the long term is the mean average of the RTP. Getting down to poker basics, you have to double up as you lose. The strategy dictates your hand will eventually win. If you lose $10 on your first bet, double the wager to $20 on your second bet, and so on.

Ø Fibonacci

The Fibonacci numbers 1,2,3,5,8,13 etc., dictate how you should place your bets. The Fibonacci sequence in betting is that if you lose your first three bets each of $10, your 4th bet should be 5x the initial wager. If you lose your first two, the third bet should be 3x the original wager. You continue scaling up until you win.

Ø Paroli

Paroli system principles that you double your wager every time you win until you lose. It is a classic positive betting system. If you lose, revert to the starting wager amount and work up again.

You can use poker strategies for Baccarat too. Most of the poker strategies require a large bankroll to back them. Ensure you have a reasonable gambling budget beforehand.


Online card game strategies help you increase your chances of winning. A combination of luck and skill will enable you to beat the house’s edge. You can add more plans to your arsenal as you become a better player.

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