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Offshore Software Development Doesn’t Lead To A Low-Quality Product

Many businesses today have a lot planned to perform and complete. Their to-do list is growing at a tremendous rate due to constant market and user pressure. Ensuring quality at such heightened pressure and demands is not an easy task. Also, getting things developed in the native place may be a costly affair as software development companies charge a hefty amount for any software application project.

Offshore Software Development Doesn’t Lead To A Low-Quality Product

To manage all the challenges and ensure that the software application development runs smooth, businesses hire or partner with outsource software development company. This comes at a reasonable price as the wages per hour is rational and one gets to work with skilled and experienced developers easily. However, partnering with an outsourced software development company is not all roses. Yes, you heard that right! There are various challenges associated with the association.

Out of all hurdles, quality is the biggest challenge that needs urgent attention. Any business wouldn’t want to deliver lousy and terrible software application to its customers. It’s a risk that could lead to loss of all loyal customers and clients. Despite considering the challenge of quality, there are still many businesses that are associated with outsourced software development companies. And they still ensure that they get quality output.

How? They ensure that the plan is organized and well followed by all the members associated with the software development. Despite the distance barrier, communication remains regular and transparent to ascertain that there are no hindrances in the development process. We will share a few factors that you too can consider ensuring that the quality of the product is impeccable. Don’t skip and give it a read.

1. Quality Team

The first and foremost step is to build a quality check team that keeps an eye on the output delivered and get any errors corrected before the delivery to stakeholders and clients. Building a quality team is a relief for the business as connecting with the outsource team and track the progress of the project is time taking and hectic process. Business cannot out all employees into checking the project. Having a separate quality check team takes care of the task solely and maintains the development as per the expectation. Outsource development team too have a point of contact team who could connect with them easily and guide throughout the process.

2. Reference Check

You don’t want to associate your business with any outsource development team. Before signing the contract, you need to be sure of your decision and know your partner. Since many outsource development companies are at the far sight and different regions, you need to go through a background check of the team. A reference check, client testimonial, projects delivered would be a great idea to overcome your suspicions and have confidence in the team that you are associating with. Also, you would know the capabilities of the offshore software development company which you may want to utilize in your project.

3. Quality Plan

Another thing that you can include in your process is to develop an end-to-end quality plan that acts as a reference for the outsourced software development plan. This will give a boost to the development process and help the team maintain the delivery timelines. The plan improves the time-to-market and any changes in the project due to market evolution could be managed easily. The quality plan acts as a cheat sheet to the development team as they can find answers to all possible challenges in the plan like timelines, delivery, change in market trends, absence of a team, wage issues and more. It also brings up the testing of the project to be taken very seriously as a project cannot be delivered without testing done on the project.

4. Follow Agile Methodology

As we know that agile methodology is all about following the interactive approach. Whatever changes are to be made in the previous stage is done before moving onto the next. This is opposite of what the waterfall model suggests. The practice of adopting agile methodology in software development help a custom software development company to build project iteratively and eradicate any bugs and errors in the steps simultaneously. Also, agile support the involvement of the stakeholders and clients in the project development. All changes, modifications, the progress of the project is discussed with the stakeholders so that they are aware of the progress and equally participate in the overall development of the project.


While there may be apprehensions that associating with the outsourced software development team is a big deal and comes with multiple benefits as well as challenges. However, all challenges can be catered easily through some planning and communication. While you may enjoy the cost-benefit you don’t want to compromise on the quality of the delivered project. To cater to this situation, both businesses and software development company need to sit together and define a plan that fulfills the need of both parties and the end product comes out flawless.

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Siya Carla is the Solution Consultant at Finoit Technologies, a leading custom software development company which provides unique web design and mobile app development services. By creating interactive mobile apps for 450+ customers across the globe, Finoit enjoys a great reputation as a prominent mobile app development company.

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