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Off-Roading Beginners Guide: Why You Should Upgrade Your Suspension

When a vehicle pulls off of the factory floor and into your driveway, it has a standard suspension. There is nothing particularly wrong with factory suspensions, they are usually capable of handling daily activities, and any towing capabilities promised by the manufacturers. However, suppose you plan on pushing your vehicle beyond the standard limits or expectations of manufacturers. In that case, you will need to focus on upgrading your suspension to something like a Pro Comp or other brand.

Off-Roading Beginners Guide

A new suspension is necessary to handle the unpredictability of the rough and wild terrain experienced in off-roading. However, there are several benefits to upgrading your vehicle with a new suspension beyond simple necessity.

1. Ride Clearance

Using suspension changes like lift and Fox leveling kits can give you 4X4 greater clearance on the trail. As any experienced off-roader will tell you, the trails are unpredictable, and damage to your undercarriage is possible. The more off-the-beaten path you get, the more clearance you will want. Height equates to less risk of damage.

When you install a new suspension with greater clearance, you can ride with more confidence. Upgrading your vehicle means embracing more challenging adventures.

2. Shock Absorption

Have you ever been off-roading before? Level and even trails are nonexistent. Part of the fun is the continuous bouncing and bucking of the vehicle. Still, while rocking and vibration can be fun, you want to limit the potential damage to your vehicle and cushion the impact on your tuckus.

Products like King Shocks are among the best shocks for off-roading. While nothing will make the ride feel like a luxury vehicle on a smooth, freshly paved road, new shocks will absolutely make a difference when it comes to comfort. You want to buy quality, so do not be in a rush to purchase just any old shocks.

3. Handling Capabilities

Your vehicle’s suspension is the key element of handling and performance or responsiveness. While a factory suspension is fine for everyday driving, it will not cut it for off-roading when driving mud trails and uneven landscapes.

By improving spring rate, tension, and several other factors, a vehicle is better able to manage roadway irregularities, enhancing grip on the trail and allowing for better responsiveness behind the wheel. You cannot underestimate the importance of the suspension to handling capabilities.

4. Load Capacities

The springs of the suspension are largely responsible for the vehicle’s weight capacity. Therefore, if you want to improve the weight load, you should improve the springs or the suspension. Moreover, for Toyota 4Runner enthusiasts looking to enhance their vehicle’s capability, Toyota 4runner roof racks are an excellent addition, providing extra storage options for gear without compromising the upgraded suspension’s effectiveness and vehicle balance.

There are many reasons you may want to improve the payload capacity of your vehicle, but whatever they are, you will need to upgrade your suspension to do it.

If you are just starting with off-roading, one of the best things you can do to get your vehicle ready for the adventure is to upgrade your suspension. However, do not jump into a purchase recklessly. Contact an automotive professional and discuss the best options for your vehicle. Remember, quality is important, so save your money instead of making impulsive decisions.

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