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Nikrans: A Great Wireless Mobile Phone Signal Booster

When it comes to boosting your mobile phone signals at the home, office, or any other area, you need specific equipment for this need. Nikrans LCD 1200-4G-D is high-quality equipment of the 9th generation made under European standards.

Wireless Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Wireless Mobile Phone Signal Booster Nikrans LCD 1200-4G-D offers a full package including antennas, cables, booster, and a user manual for your convenience to ensure that you don’t need to make any extra purchasing. Each booster set comes with all the necessary accessories that enable you to use your mobile phone wherever you want.

It’s a dual-band mobile signal repeater that helps you to improve the signals at two distinct frequencies simultaneously. It is compatible with most mobile service providers in Asia, Africa, and Europe as it works at GSM/LTE 1800MHz and 4G 800MHz. Additionally, it can be used by multiple mobile phone devices at the same time.

It features an LCD screen that you must have noticed is very advantageous as it provides all the essential information about the device like indoor and outdoor signal levels, system errors notifications, setup recommendations, and installation method for antennas.

The Wireless Mobile Phone Signal Booster Nikrans LCD 1200-4G-D is a unique mobile signal repeater. With an advanced board and well-designed hardware, it can support large areas up to 13000ft2 (1200m2) that makes it suitable for substantial indoor locations like basement shops, restaurants, lounges, and large offices.

As we know network disruption is quite often, so when you find yourself in a situation like this, and you need 4G internet desperately, this mobile repeater is a perfect choice to get high-quality 4G LTE internet speed.

It is not suitable to stabilize 4G signals only, but it also supports GSM signals that transmit on 1800MHz frequency.

Nikrans LCD 1200-4G-D LTE also features an exclusive auto gain function that automatically improves the signal concerning incoming signal strength. Furthermore, the booster also offers an energy-saving mode, which means the repeater will go stand-by energy-saving way while you are not using LTE.

This new dual-band mobile signal booster match the international and Europeans technical standards by passing CE and RoHS certifications. These certifications ensure that it will not emit any harmful radiation while throwing mobile signals. So, there are no harsh effects on human health.

The Nikrans LCD 1200-4G-D mobile signal repeater includes two antennas (indoor and outdoor), mounting cables, power adapter, and user manual. Moreover, it offers an easy installation process that doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to set up and start working. Right after unboxing, unpack all the accessories and do the following simple steps:

  1. Connect the outdoor antenna to get weak signals from outside.
  2. Connect the indoor antenna to extend the improved signals into your house.
  3. Connect the adapter cable and switch it on.

That’s it.

As you see, this is a straightforward method to set up the device. Thanks to the LCD screen, it is effortless in use just because of its appropriate and helpful functionality. When you switch this mobile signal repeater on, it will stabilize the signals in only 5 to 8 seconds.

If you are looking for a reliable signal amplifier, then this wireless mobile phone signal booster Nikrans LCD 1200-4G-D LTE is the perfect choice for you.

So, what are you looking for now?

Don’t waste your precious time and get your wireless mobile phone signal booster today and enjoy the perfect mobile communication with exceptional 4G internet speed and premium after-sale services from the manufacturers.

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