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New to blood gas analyzer? Here’s What You Need to Know

What is a blood gas analyzer? 

An arterial blood gas analyzer can be used in evaluating the status of respiratory or metabolic disorder. It provides an almost real-time monitor for the patient via an easy way, especially for critically ill patients who can be in danger just because of a slight change of state. With the blood gas analyzer, the doctor can make the appropriate diagnostic decisions and monitor the effects of potential treatment. Typically, it is suitable for the diagnosis of hypoxemia and respiratory failure, differential diagnosis of dyspnea, differential diagnosis of coma, selection of surgical indications, etc.

New to blood gas analyzer

The blood gas values of a critically ill patient in a volatile state often change rapidly, requiring fast intervention by caregivers. The examination can evaluate the pulmonary situation, in particular, the abnormal changes in oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations in the arterial blood supply to the tissues. When the blood passes through the lungs, it is enriched with oxygen and is depleted with carbon dioxide. The blood gas analysis also makes it possible to evaluate the acid-base balance of a patient.

Why we need to do a blood gas analysis? 

The doctor applies a blood gas analysis in case of breathing difficulties such as hypo, hyperventilation or asthma to monitor a pulmonary disease treatment. When the state of consciousness alters, the blood gas analyzer can make sure that the inpatient receives the right amount of oxygen. It also helps to measure the acid-base level in patients suffering from heart failure, kidney failure, sleep disorders, infection, or after a drug overdose.

Why we need fast and reliable results? 

Blood gas analyzer can reflect the current status of the patient, so the repeated sampling is therefore often necessary. In order to make rapid and reliable decisions on diagnosis and treatment, results on blood gases must be available within a short time. That is why Short Turnaround Time (STAT) is essential in blood gas analysis. The blood gas analyzers deliver fast and reliable results in a matter of seconds on tiny blood sample volumes.

Some analyzers have been improved in efficacy; one such advanced analyzer is Wando Blood Gas Analyzer, which is able to connect with Ethernet, RS232, USB and LIS. Its exhaust fan can keep the temperature of the instrument below 29 °C so as to ensure the accuracy of sample testing. Now such convenient blood gas analyzer with light weight and portable design is gaining popularity.

New to blood gas analyzer

What results can we expect from a blood gas analyzer? 

The examination consists of a blood test at an artery. In general, it is the radial artery (wrist), humeral (arm) or femoral (groin). Once the sample has been taken, place a gauze or cotton pad and compress the puncture site firmly for 5 to 10 minutes. Note that it is important to let the patient breathe normally during blood collection. The values of the blood gases are not sufficient to make a precise diagnosis, but might be seen as a sign of problems in the lungs, kidneys, or suspect metabolic disease.

The conventional measured parameters are as follows:

PaO2 (partial pressure of oxygen): it allows us to evaluate how the oxygen can move from the lungs to the blood. It reflects the amount of oxygen carried by the blood and delivered to the organs.

PaCO2 (partial pressure of carbon dioxide): this corresponds to the residual amount of carbon dioxide in the arterial blood after elimination of the excess of carbon dioxide at the pulmonary level.

pH: it reflects the hydrogen concentration and measures the acidity of the blood.

HCO3- (bicarbonate): it “buffers” the pH of the blood and thus participates in maintaining an acid-base balance.

SaO2 (oxygen saturation): it allows evaluating the amount of oxygen fixed on the hemoglobin.

Technology is changing blood gas analyzers at an astonishing pace and for the better, enabling users to obtain more detailed and multifaceted measured parameters. Take Wondfo Blood Gas Analyzer as an example, which can check 10 items in one single inspection. The result is in a matched test card as shown below, which is also suitable for syringe and capillary. It makes it possible for users to grasp accurate and reliable testing data efficiently in less than 30 seconds.

New to blood gas analyzer

Since blood gas analyzer made its debut in 1954, it has played an increasingly essential role in measuring lung ventilation function and acid-base balance. Blood gas analysis requires close attention to best practices throughout the entire blood gas analysis process. To avoid errors, it’s also significant to select a reliable blood gas analyzer. Wondfo Blood Gas Analyzer has 3 levels of quality control, which effectively minimize the errors. If you haven’t decided yet, you may take it into consideration as well.

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