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MultCloud—The Best Cloud To Cloud Management Tool

Users always feel irritated while shifting data and files on the cloud from one provider to another. And in order to help you out with cloud management and save time from such a tedious job, we have brought a solution that you will love. We present you with MultCloud. The platform is used to get rid of all the issues that you face during transferring data from one provider to another. In addition to this, it will also make your experience smooth. Let us look at some of the major highlights of the service.

MultCloud—The Best Clout To Cloud Management Tool

MultCloud can be utilized to conduct the bulk transfer of data or to transfer separate files from one cloud service provider to another. This is also known as cloud transfer in general words. In addition to this, it can be employed to configure sync relationships. This indicates that as data gets edited or added on one cloud drive, those edits or additions are synched on the other end.

One-way sync successfully allows you to backup your data; for instance, copying files stored in Amazon S3 or Google Drive. For those who are fond of using Google Docs to generate content, configuring a file backup can make a lot of things smooth.

MultCloud does not have all cloud storage service that the user needs. On the other hand, with more than 30 choices, odds are less to see a service that you need absent in the lost. Mainstream options such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive are present, in addition to business favorites such as Egnyte Connect and Box.

Two of the easiest and best cloud storage services MEGA and pCloud are also added in the list. Out of the most dominating IaaS tools, only Backblaze B2 and Amazon S3 are supported directly. FTP, WebDAV, and SFTP are present.

MultCloud—The Best Clout To Cloud Management Tool

In addition to all this, MultCloud also supports offline data transfer. This is a procedure of transferring data on the MultCloud server. This makes sure that your files are transferring even though your device is switched off. Since it is offline cloud transfer or sync, once you trigger the process of data transmission, you can just close your computer or browser and leave the rest to MultCloud.

With a price tag of just $69.99 per year or $7.99 per month, MultCloud is very much affordable to a whole bunch of people and businesses. There is also a free limited version, even though it runs more slowly as compared to if you pay and has a 2TB monthly limit on data transfers.

To sum it up, MultCloud is the best option that you have for cloud transfer. We bet that you cannot get a better alternative to this. In addition to this, MultCloud also supports data migration and is fast as compared to other services. This is also companied by a reasonable subscription price. Hence, if you want to live a hassle-free life when it comes to cloud transfer, we recommend MultCloud for a better experience.

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