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Most Loved TikTok Pranks Of All Time

TikTok is famous for reels, video-based content, trends, and pranks. Yes, you heard it right. Previously people used to do pranks on YouTube in the form of long video content, but with changes in time, they integrated pranks into TikTok as well.

Here in this post, we are going to discuss some of the most loved TikTok Pranks of all time. Also if you want to create pranks on TikTok then this post can help you get some unique ideas around that.

Most Loved TikTok Pranks Of All Time

Here is the list of pranks that are most loved on TikTok:

1- Old Grannie:
Old Grannie

The first TikTok Prank that was one of the most viral pranks of all time was Old Grannies Prank. Well in this prank the person is asked to search “Old Granny” on Google and in the pictures section whatsoever the results are, they need to record their first reaction to it.

Although it was one of the most famous pranks of all time, it also had to face a bit of backlash from the audience.

Secondly, a few people have a query, what was the main motive behind creating this prank?

Hence we can say that there were mixed reactions of the audience because of which this TikTok prank got viral.

2- Andy is coming:

Andy is coming

You know in Toy Story, when someone yells, “Andy’s coming!” and all the toys drop to the ground, becoming inanimate?

Well, if you’re brave enough to take your TikTok pranking public, get a group of friends and head to the mall, a coffee shop, wherever, to pull off the “Andy’s coming” challenge.

Get a friend to film and yell the phrase at a random time, causing everyone in on the joke to drop to the ground where they stand. Everyone else will be so confused.

3- Pasta Back Crack:

Pasta Back Crack

This one will have the person you pranked freaking out. Simply grab two pieces of pasta (I suggest rigatoni) and place them between your top and bottom teeth in the back of your mouth.

Then, ask someone to crack your back. When they do, bite down. The person doing the cracking will hear the noise of the pasta and will think they just did something very wrong.

4- Shave it off:

Shave it off

Trick your parents into thinking you just gave yourself a personal buzzcut. All you need is an electric razor and the ability to mimic the sound it makes. If you talk about the prank that we loved the most, then it was this prank.

Because it actually looks like a prank and does not affect anyone in any way. While if you look at the pranks taking place nowadays they are affecting people’s lives directly or indirectly.

This was all about some of the most loved TikTok pranks of all time. In case you are new to TikTok and want to start creating content on this platform then make sure to follow our post till the end, as here we are going to discuss tips to keep in mind while creating a TikTok.

Tips To Create TikTok Videos

Tips to create TikTok Videos

  • The number one mistake brands make on TikTok? Not actually going on TikTok. It’s incredibly hard to create successful TikTok ads if you aren’t engaging with the platform regularly and seeing firsthand what type of content is trending and why.

Even if it’s only for a few minutes a day, it’s critical that you immerse yourself in the TikTok culture so that you can create ads that stand out, while still fitting in and appearing native to the platform.

  • Speaking of fitting in… you know that sleek, high-production ad you created for broadcast? It’s probably not going to fit in very well on TikTok. We know how tempting it is to repurpose content for multiple platforms – and oftentimes, we recommend it! But TikTok really has its own aesthetic, and if you want people to engage with your content, it’s important that it looks like other user-generated content shared on the platform.

The good news is that most people creating content on TikTok are doing it from their smartphones – so you can cancel the professional camera crew and use your iPhone instead. Rather than going the highly produced route, focus your resources on clever, witty, and original concepts that make people think, laugh,

Remember, high concept, low production content tends to perform the best on TikTok. Anything too polished will stand out as an ad – and can sometimes indicate that a brand is inauthentic, out of touch with the platform, or not engaged with the audience they’re trying to reach.

  • With character counts limiting everything from banner ads to tweets, many brands look to video to tell their longer-form stories – but TikTok is having none of that. While the platform recently expanded to allow videos up to three minutes in length, the top-performing content still tends to fall into the 15-seconds-or-less category.

Remember, there’s nothing stopping TikTok users from simply swiping past your ad – so you’ve got to capture their attention quickly. Focus on ONE concise message per video and resist the temptation to cover all your key messages in every spot.

  • Not only are TikTok ads skippable, but your content is unlikely to even make it out of the testing phase if nobody engages with it. Similar to the way Google uses quality scores, TikTok tests ads with a smaller group before releasing them to your full target audience.

If the ad performs poorly in the testing phase, they’ll recommend a different target audience or go back to the drawing board on your ad before letting it run.

So, even if you have a big budget to promote your content, you still need to come up with something entertaining if you want to capture views. Often, this requires stepping out of your comfort zone.

Things like low production video, behind-the-scenes content, dancing, lip syncing, making jokes, and embracing sarcasm are examples of content that might not feel on-brand for your other social media channels, but are the breadwinners on TikTok.

Remember, people don’t go on TikTok to watch ads – they go for fun videos. So, while it’s important to always stay true to your brand values, you might need to push the boundaries of your brand standards to embrace new platforms and engage new audiences.


Want to find out the best TikTok Pranks like Old Grannies and more? If you said yes, then this post has everything you need to know. It also includes a few tips that you can use to create TikTok reels.


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