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Mistakes People Make When Converting A PDF To Powerpoint

Converting a PDF into a PowerPoint (PPT) used to be a big process. Many times it involved having to manually retype the entire thing into a new program. That has changed over the past decade or so. There are websites that can convert a PDF to a PPT in a matter of a few minutes. It’s a great thing and it can save so much time.

Converting A PDF To Powerpoint

This does not mean that things are perfect, though. There are some times when an imperfect conversion can result in something that requires more work to be done to fix it. Why does this happen? There are a variety of reasons. Here are some of them.

They Don’t Use a Program That Formats Properly

There are a lot of different formats when one creates a PDF, and a PPT file may not properly format that. The result is something that does not look good … and if not caught early and corrected, it could be embarrassing, especially if shown at a large gathering.

Do some research into file conversion sites. See what kind of specific dimensions that they convert them to. Are there any characters that do not convert and would show up as a gremlin on the converted file? There may be some unavoidable issues, but you could minimize that by using them sparingly and then correcting them in the new PPT file. It’s all about knowing ahead of time.

They Don’t Use An Image That Looks Good When Compressed

Have you opened a PPT file and just seen a bunch of pixelated images that look almost unrecognizable? That certainly will detract from your overall presentation, and also make it look rather amateurish. Why does that happen, especially when you convert it from a PDF where the images look clean and sharp?

That is because you might not have put pictures with the right dimensions that can retain their sharpness when converted to a PPT. Look on the converter site’s descriptions to see if there are certain image sizes that will work for you. That way, you can be sure that your PPT presentation will look great.

They Don’t Use a File That is The Correct Size

PDFs and PowerPoint files are made by two separate companies. There is every effort made to try to get these two to play nice with each other … but sometimes they don’t. That can cause problems with the transfer and cause the whole thing to just stop.

Also, file size can cause problems. If your file size exceeds the limits of the converter, then you will get a corrupted or incomplete one. So be sure to follow the directions on how large of a PDF file you can upload in the first place.

This technology is being changed and improved all the time. You will see this conversion get easier over the years. There could also be something that people can’t imagine now that will become the standard. Until then, you can get the best results by making sure that you follow the above steps.

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