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Microsoft And Adobe Expands Cloud Joint Venture Into China

Microsoft and Adobe this week declared that they were expanding their association into China to assist worldwide companies domestically deliver tailored experiences all over user touch points. This association was first declared in September 2016. The branch out into China allows the worldwide accessibility of Adobe Experience Cloud. Adobe Experience Cloud will operate on Microsoft Azure run by a top carrier-neutral Cloud supplier, 21Vianet.

Microsoft And Adobe Expands Cloud Joint Venture Into China


Microsoft and Adobe also summarized native tech incorporations between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe Campaign, Microsoft Azure and Adobe Experience Manager, and Microsoft Power BI and Adobe Analytics, claimed Adobe to the media in an interview at Adobe Summit this week. Adobe Experience Manager Sites Managed Service, which runs on Microsoft Azure, will assist more than 60 worldwide companies deliver tailored Internet experiences.

The incorporation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Adobe Campaign allows companies to accumulate user insights, making a sole view of the user that can be employed to customize experiences all over marketing touch points. Additionally, the incorporation of Microsoft Power BI and Adobe Analytics permits companies to collect data into Power BI to envisage the affect of campaigns all over users.

Microsoft and Adobe will also incorporate their individual data models Microsoft CDM (Common Data Model) and Adobe XDM (Experience Data Model) into one model that unifies and defines the language for sales, services data, and marketing.

Microsoft has been in limelight for quite a time due to the efforts that it is taking to make user experience more enhanced. Recently, researchers at Microsoft made a technology that employs AI (Artificial Intelligence) to read a paper and respond to questions related to the paper as well as a human.

This was done using Stanford Question Answering Dataset, which is a comprehension dataset related to machine reading that is made up of queries related to a group of articles on Wikipedia.


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