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MacX Video Converter Pro: Convert, Resize and Edit 4K Videos at Fastest Speed

In the era of technology, media (especially audio and video) plays an important role in our daily life. And speaking of videos, there are a range of activities and factors that are attached to it. One of the trendiest activities recognized these days is video conversion. People always tend to convert 4K video as well as process 4K video since they are now easily available. Almost all the devices such as iPhone, Android handsets, cameras, and others offer 4K video.

MacX Video Converter Pro

Problems faced during processing of 4K videos

But as you know that nothing is perfect in this world, 4K videos come with a set of issues. Even though they reflect high quality, they grasp a huge piece of pie when it comes to storage. And hence, they consume a lot of space in the devices. In addition, it is a bit tricky to share 4K videos on social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube. Moreover, they are a bit difficult to crack in various editors due to conflicts in formats.

But never mind, there are a number of methods to overcome this issue. These include converting video format and adjusting video parameters. In addition to this, you can also reduce file size of video and edit video clips. On the other hand, all these solutions are time-consuming and do not give top-notch quality.

Use MacX Video Convertor Pro

And this is where MacX Video Converter Pro comes for your help. This tool is the best video processing tool with tons of features such as video conversion, compression, edition, and parameter adjustment. In addition, users also get video downloader and video recorder as a bonus feature.

There are a number of reasons as to why MacX Video Convertor Pro is wanted among users. First of all, the tool effortlessly converts 4K videos in HD quality without confusing the user and fulfilling its purpose. In addition to this, MacX Video Convertor Pro reduces the size of the video by almost 50% by converting it into H.265/HEVC format. And to place a cherry on the cake, the tool preserves the quality of the video after conversion, which is what exactly the users wish for. Adding one more feather to the cap, this tool showcases the fastest video compression and processing speed.

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The power of Level-3 Hardware Acceleration

With a plethora of factors making MacX Video Convertor Pro an ideal tool for processing videos, the level-3 hardware acceleration tech has a lion’s share in the performance of the tool. How? Well let us explain to you.

Basically, level-3 hardware acceleration tech allows 4K ultra HD HEVC H.265 and HD H.264 formats go far beyond the efficiency of the CPU. This tech exploits massive parallel processing power of the GPU making the MacX Video Convertor Pro the fastest of all softwares. The presence of level-3 hardware acceleration tech in MacX Video Convertor Pro not only accelerates the encoding of HD and 4K video, but also takes video processing and decoding to a whole new level. This makes it almost 5 times faster than any other software in the market.

MacX Video Convertor Pro Vs HandBrake

If you do not believe, let us have a face-to-face comparison of MacX Video Convertor Pro with HandBrake, one of the similar tools used on Mac OS. Beginning with Level-3 Hardware Acceleration, this tech is used in MacX Video Convertor Pro making it the fastest tool in the market. On the other hand, this option seems to be absent in HandBrake. This absence of Level-3 Hardware Acceleration in HandBrake results in its slow processing speed (almost 33 minutes and 5 seconds) in comparison with MacX Video Convertor Pro (4 minutes and 5 seconds).

In addition to this, the average frame rate exhibited by MacX Video Convertor Pro is 150 fps making it 5 times faster. In contrast, the average frame rate shown by HandBrake is 18 fps making it 8 times slower. On top of all this, the MacX offers top-notch lossless video quality as expected by the users, while HandBrake comparatively produces blurry clips after processing the video. Apart from all this, MacX adopts the High-Quality Engine, Deinterlacing tech, and Auto Copy Mode to make sure that the original output quality of the video is preserved.

Using MacX Video Convertor Pro

Using MacX Video Convertor is very easy. Here are the simple steps that you need to follow to edit video Mac:

Step 1: Run MacX Video Convertor Pro. Next, select the videos from your computer or drag & drop them in the designated area.

Step 2: Once you choose your video to compress, you need to choose the output format. You will get to see options such as 4K, 2K, MOV, MP4, and much more.

Step 3: Adjust necessary parameters such as editing, resizing, and frame rate according your needs.

Step 4: Click on “Run” and you are done. It’s that simple!!!

The Verdict

In short, MacX Video Convertor Pro leaves no stones unturned when it comes to video converting. It is capable of compressing 4K videos at a lighting speed without losing the quality. Other attention-grabbing features of MacX are processing 4K & HD videos at fastest speeds, downloading 4K & HD videos from 300+ sites including YouTube, recording Mac screens & videos with Mac’s built-in camera, and many more. And we are sure you wouldn’t miss out putting your hands on such a tool. Would you?

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