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Macx DVD Ripper Pro: Rip Your DVD To Any Format In 5 Minutes

Tired of watching movies on DVD? Well, in today’s world of technology, watching movies on a DVD is similar to living in the age of “The Flinstones.”And now, when you have the latest and the newest devices in your pockets, why to watch movies on DVD? We bring to you MacX DVD Ripper Pro. This software is capable of ripping any DVD in any format making it simple for you to watch movies on your smartphones and tablets.

Macx DVD Ripper Pro: Rip Your DVD To Any Format In 5 Minutes

MacX DVD Ripper is a free tool to rip DVD to MP4. In addition to this, it will end your quest for the fastest DVD ripper! And with the latest version of MacX DVD Ripper, you will get the newest features of the software that will allow you to quickly and easily back up and relocate your digital video library.

Being the fastest and the quickest DVD ripper for iPhones, iPad, and Android devices, this device is the best alternative to HandBrake Mac. Now that you are a bit aware of the capabilities of the MacX DVD Ripper, let us take a look at the key features of the software that make it wanted among the users:

Widest DVD support:

Apart from fulfilling its purpose of ripping the DVD, the MacX DVD Ripper does not just stop here. It additionally supports a wide range of DVDs that makes it super compatible. Some of the DVD types that this tool supports are homemade DVDs, released DVD movies, TV series DVDs, 99-title DVDs, and workout DVDs in addition to unplayable or damaged DVDs. Well, this is some cool stuff that users will wish to grab their hands on!!!

Fastest ripping speed:

By the time you grab your spectacles and wear them on, your DVD is ripped and ready for you. No, this is not a dream! In fact, it is just one of the advantages of using MacX DVD Ripper. You heard it right!!! With conventional ripping tools consuming 1.5 hours to extract content form DVD, MacX DVD Ripper does this task within no time using up just 5 minutes. This makes the software the best HandBrake alternative all over the market.

All thanks to advanced techniques used in the software to increase the speed to 320 FPS in comparison to 130 FPS exhibited by traditional time-consuming softwares. Some of the advanced techniques employed in this tool are hyper-threading, batch conversion, and multi-core CPU along with the exclusive Level-3 Hardware Acceleration tech.

Richest outputs:

In addition to fast speed and support to range of DVDs, the MacX DVD Ripper is also capable of giving a range of high quality outputs. The tool supports video formats such as H.264, MP4, M4V, MOV, QT, HEVC, MPEG, AVI, MKV, FLV, MTS, M4V, and M2TS. Apart from this, it also supports various audio formats including MP3, AC3, and AAC. And in the end, when it comes to devices, the tool supports all types of iPhones (including the latest iPhones X and 8/8 Plus) and iPads along with Apple TV and iPod. It also supports Android devices from well-known brands such as HTC, Samsung, Google, Huawei, Sony, and Microsoft.

Macx DVD Ripper Pro: Rip Your DVD To Any Format In 5 Minutes

Why Choose MacX DVD Ripper over HandBrake?

Well, there are tons of reasons as to why MacX DVD Ripper is way better than HandBrake. To begin with, Mac X DVD Ripper can convert DVD for Android device, iPads, and iPhones. In addition, it is capable of removing any copy protections on DVD. Moreover, the software gets timely updates to rip all types of DVDs. These features seem to be missing in HandBrake.

MacX DVD Ripper rips DVD into number of formats including H.264, MP4, M4V, and many more. On the other hand, HandBrake converts the DVDs only in MKV and MP4 format. Adding more to the list, MacX DVD Ripper takes only 5.8 minutes to do its job, whereas the traditional HandBrake consumes almost more than 3 times (20 minutes) to do the same task.

Apart from all this, there are number of features that makes MacX DVD Ripper favorable than HandBrake including the Level-3 Hardware Acceleration tech used to increase the speed.

The Verdict

In a nut shell, your hunt for free DVD Ripper Mac comes to end when you put your hands on MacX DVD Ripper. This software also answers your “How to rip DVD free on Mac?” question. All in all, MacX DVD Ripper is the ultimate answer for all your DVD ripping questions.

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