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Looking For A Job In IT—5 Things To Consider

Finding a new job is something that takes a lot of courage for most people. Knowing that you desire to step out of your current comfort zone and take the needed step towards growth on a personal & professional front, is commendable. One of the biggest questions: which industry should you enter?

Looking For A Job In IT—5 Things To Consider

The IT industry is a booming one in this technologically advanced age. And there are many roads one can take to get to where you desire to work in this market. IT recruitment agencies can assist you with several services to get you started and you also get to decide how you work with them to fulfil your goals.

But from your side there are still several other aspects you will need to manage yourself during your job search within the IT world. Here are only five. Start with them to get the process moving.

What Message Is Your CV Sending Out?

Your CV is what will set you apart when recruitment agencies and your potential employers are looking to hire. Therefore, it is essential to get your CV into shape so it clearly speaks of your skillset and experience.
There are many online resources to help you clean up your CV. Bottomline: make sure that the message you’re sending out is that you’re someone who has the capacity to fulfil the specific role you’re applying for. Another avenue you can take is to find yourself a recruiter, more specifically, an IT recruiter. They will assist you to make sure that your CV meets your potential employer’s needs.

IT Recruitment Agencies

One of the best ways to get your profile out into the job market is to go through an agency. An IT recruitment agency will be able to assist you with several tasks. But before you commit to an agency to handle your employment journey, make sure that they’re focused-on recruiting within your field of work. IT job agencies you use should also have a good number of years’ experience with successful placement within your career field.

Also rather opt for the agencies where you’ll get a dedicated agent handling your profile and journey. Then you’ll have an excellent chance of getting an upgrade to your profile, and improved resume and one-on-one assistance until your dream job is secured.

Research Your Target Companies

Be upfront about what you want, where you desire to work and what you have to offer. It’s your responsibility to do the necessary research beforehand about the companies you desire to work for and why. Be clear about your reasons for all companies you want to work for and those you don’t want to work for. This shows a mature understanding of who you are and where you know you will thrive.

Once you have this information, pass it onto your recruitment agency and your specific agent. This will make their search for you even more focused and there will be no effort and time wasted. The same will apply for yourself when you’re doing your own searches, you will not be wasting time on companies you know aren’t aligned with your ultimate vision.

Online Profile

Another avenue pursue in your job search, is online. There are many career orientated sites that one can sign up on that are used by potential employers and recruitment agencies to find their future employees. But remember that with these platforms you’re one of many trying to get their profile viewed and eventually get that call. So, it is important to always keep your profile professional and concise, making it easy for employers to spot you as the standout individual to shortlist.

Make sure that every time some detail of your life changes, you update your online profile to match it. These can be promotions within your current job or a change in contact details.

Tip: don’t be afraid to search and find the connections of people & companies that can help boost your profile.

Do It Daily

You can’t control how much time or energy it will take to find that ideal job. But the goal here is to keep your ultimate vision in hand and keep going:

  • Make a commitment to check up on your agency every two weeks or even less.
  • Commit to be online, reviewing your profile and reaching out to your potential employers as often as you can.
  • Make a point of staying positive throughout the process and know that your dream job will eventually find you.

You can’t control all the outcomes of this process, but you determine how you approach it.

Looking For A Job In IT—5 Things To Consider

Final Words

IT is booming but even this job market goes through its ups and downs. Finding your next job may be easier in some years than others. But, as long as you have taken the necessary steps, moved out of your comfort zone and done all you can to progress in your career…you’ll never have regrets.

Good luck!

John Paul
John Paul
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