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Long-term crypto interest is strong despite a decline in the hedge fund investment ratio – PwC

In the previous year, fewer traditional hedge funds have invested in crypto assets, according to a recent analysis by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The survey also emphasises that these funds’ long-term prospects are still favourable, indicating a continuous interest in the cryptocurrency business. The report also emphasises that hedge funds’ long-term prospects in the cryptocurrency space are still favourable. In addition, you can find an investment education company to start your learning journey by visiting Immediate Vortex .

Long-term crypto interest

Decrease in Funds with Crypto Exposure, but No Planned Reductions

According to the Global Crypto Hedge Fund Report, from 37% in 2022 to 29% in the present year, hedge funds had exposure to cryptocurrencies. Despite this drop, the research emphasises that no traditional hedge funds have any immediate plans to lessen their exposure to crypto assets. This shows that those already involved are still dedicated to their cryptocurrency strategy despite the decline in the number of funds invested in cryptocurrencies.

Curiosity and Caution Among Funds Without Crypto Exposure

A significant portion (37%) of hedge funds with no exposure to cryptocurrencies expressed curiosity regarding the asset class but said they were waiting for it to develop further. Compared to the 30% of the previous year, this shows an increase. In addition, 54% of funds with no exposure to cryptocurrencies said they are unlikely to make an investment in the next three years, up from 41% in the previous research. This cautious approach shows that established financial institutions have mixed sentiments about cryptocurrencies.

Regulatory Uncertainty as a Key Factor

According to the PwC analysis, regulatory uncertainty significantly influences how traditional hedge firms feel about cryptoassets. Due to the regulatory climate in the United States, over a quarter (24%) of hedge funds are reviewing their strategy. Furthermore, 12% of these funds are thinking about relocating to jurisdictions that are friendlier to cryptocurrencies. This highlights how regulatory factors affect choices made regarding investments in the cryptocurrency industry. This highlights the importance of regulatory certainty for increasing trust and promoting the wider use of digital currencies by traditional financial institutions.

Long-Term Investment Despite Challenges

The analysis maintains that investment in crypto assets is expected to remain strong in 2023, despite market instability, price fluctuations, and the failure of some crypto enterprises. Traditional hedge funds, which are committed to the market over the long term, maintain or even expand the amount of money invested in the crypto ecosystem in addition to growing their crypto assets under management. This demonstrates their continued long-term commitment to the cryptocurrency industry and their belief in its potential.

This point is emphasised by Jon Garvey, global financial services head at PwC United States, stating, “Despite difficulties, traditional hedge funds continue to demonstrate their resiliency and faith in the cryptocurrency sector. They are showing a commitment to investing in the ecosystem by increasing not only their exposure to cryptoassets.


The PwC analysis provides insight into the way traditional hedge funds are incorporating cryptocurrency assets. The proportion of funds that have cryptocurrency exposure has decreased over the past year, but the outlook for the long term is still favourable. Funds without exposure are becoming more interested in crypto assets, but prudence is still the order of the day due to concerns concerning the maturity of the asset class. Investment decisions are still greatly influenced by regulatory uncertainty, and several hedge funds are considering moving to more favourable jurisdictions. The survey shows that traditional financial institutions have varied opinions about cryptocurrencies, but it also underlines the resilience and dedication of hedge funds to the crypto sector. As the industry evolves and regulatory frameworks develop, traditional financial institutions will continue to navigate the crypto landscape, seeking opportunities while managing risks to capitalize on the potential benefits offered by cryptocurrencies.


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