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Lloyd TV vs MI TV – Which is Better Under Low Budget?

Purchasing a television set within your budget can prove to be a challenge owing to the diverse brands and features available in the market. With advanced technology being increasingly integrated to enhance user experience, one must remain informed regarding the available features and functions to make a suitable choice for television set purchase.

Lloyd TV vs. MI TV

Some of the comparative factors include audio output, resolution, display panel, sound quality, etc. If you consider two of the leading brands – MI and Lloyd TV, an elaborative study can help pick the best LED TV within a low budget.

A comparative study between Lloyd and Mi television sets

As both these brands bring a range of models, let’s consider their top budget variants Lloyd HD Ready LED TV with a 32-inch screen and XiaomiMi LED Smart TV 4A.

  1. When it comes to screen size, both are 32-inch LED TV sets. However, the Lloyd features LED screen type, and the Xiaomi model has an ultra-bright LED display.
  2. As for sound output, the Lloyd television features 12 watts while Mi brings Dolby audio to your home. While the former offers decent sound quality, the latter, based on the latest sound technology, only enhances this feature.
  3. The model from Lloyd supports MP4, AVI, 3GP, and WMV, whereas the Mi TV model supports comprehensively compatible video formats like MPEG-1, 2, 4 and MVC.
  4. The price point comparison, nevertheless, pits the two models as strong competitors. Thus, where the Lloyd television set starts at Rs.12,990 approximately, the Mi model costs around Rs.13,999.

If you choose a Mi 4A PRO 32 LED TV, it also brings 64-bit quad-core processor, HD-Ready display, optimum performance, multiple ports, cinematic quality sound, 700000+ hours of content, Google Assistant, and 20W powerful stereo speakers.

Alternatively, if you pick the L32ND LED Lloyd TV, its utility is enhanced with features like an aspect ratio of 16:9, HDMI ports, USB ports, plug-and-play option, VGA connectivity, and more. Moreover, it offers a theatre-like experience, enhanced image quality, myriad smart features, and high-end technology.

Individuals can thus opt for one over the other depending on the competitive edge requirements in terms of sound, video quality, price, and such other considerations.

Apart from these points of comparison, one must also consider other aspects that help select the best television set as per one’s home requirements. Two such primary factors include –

a. Television size depending on room size

Usually, most budget televisions are available in 40-inch and 32-inch screen sizes. Choosing an appropriate television size depends on the room though. Ensure to keep a 3 – 5 feet distance between the TV and your viewing place if you prefer a 32-inch LED TV. Contrarily, a 40-inch television set can be the best for a distance of 4 – 6 feet.

b. Full HD, HD Ready or HD – resolution

An HD resolution of 720 pixels can be suitable when viewing content from a set-top box. If you prefer a higher picture quality, it is best to go for a Full HD resolution display panel at 1080 pixels.

How to purchase a television set affordably?

As both Lloyd and Mi bring different models within low to high budget ranges, you can buy the most preferred TV at affordable EMIs without worrying much about the cost. You can choose to make such a purchase using a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card and repay flexibly.

Make sure to buy your Lloyd or Mi TV from one of the 1 lakh plus Bajaj Finserv EMI Store partners to avail this financing facility.

The card issuer also brings pre-approved offers to make financing simplified and more time-saving. Such schemes are available on personal loans, credit cards, and several other financial products. To check your pre-approved offer, you need to provide your name and contact details.

Going for the better pick between Lloyd and Mi television models depends on the options you choose and your feature preferences. It is best to refrain from compromising on quality for the price as EMI facilities make big-ticket purchases convenient and affordable.

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