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Living in a Small Space? Effective Cooling Solutions with Portable Air Conditioners

In our apartments, we install air conditioners to maintain humidity in the large rooms. Air conditioners provide a cooling and comfortable space for living. Similarly, for small rooms, installing large AC units is non-preferential. Thus, for small spaces, portable air conditioners become an advantageous choice.

Portable Air Conditioners

The portable air conditioner is a standalone cooling machine with wheels at the bottom. You can place it anywhere in the room for cool air and a breezing atmosphere. It is convenient to move portable air conditioners from one place to another. The portable air conditioner is feasible and easy to use for beating off the heat.

You can get effective cooling results from your portable aircon by following these steps:

  1. Close the doors and windows: Exposure to direct sunlight and heat might affect the lifespan of the portable air conditioner. Before starting the portable air conditioner, you should close the doors and windows of your room. An open room might cause warm air to come inside.
  1. Choosing an appropriate spot: To maintain the portable AC properly and for enhanced functioning, you should:
  • Place the portable aircon near the electricity outlet.
  • Don’t stretch the connecting wire of the portable AC to avoid short circuits.
  • Keep the air conditioner on a plain surface. Avoid placing it on the tables.
  • Don’t block the portable aircon with any other appliances. Avoid keeping it beside the wall. Placing the air conditioner in an open space will allow the air to move freely across the room.
  • You should keep it away from heat-generating appliances.
  1. Switch of unnecessary appliances or devices: Connecting too many devices to the electricity socket will decrease the energy range. So, for a portable aircon, less energy will affect the cooling performance. Thus, you should turn off unnecessary devices and appliances for the time being.
  1. Turn on before use: For better cooling results, turn on the portable AC a few minutes before you use it.
  1. Straight exhaust hose: The exhaust hose extracts the warm air and throws it out of the window. A bent exhaust hose will make it harder for the machine to operate. It might result in accumulating moisturized air in the room. If the exhaust hose is straight, it enables the warm air to get extracted easily. So, keeping the exhaust hose straight will increase the efficiency.

For efficient cooling, maintain the portable aircon after usage. It is necessary to follow these steps for maintenance:

  1. Clean the filters: While used, the filters catch dust and other dirty particles. It gets clogged within the filters over time and affects the performance. In severe cases, it might lead to servicing. So, cleaning the filters with warm water and detergent every month will improve functioning. Soak the filters before using them again. You should change the filters if necessary.
  1. Routine Cleaning: Cleaning the exterior parts and inspecting the condenser coils is required. Keep the portable air conditioner in a clean setting.

Now, cooling your small rooms is possible with the best portable air conditioners.

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