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Listening To Music Online: Here Are 7 Problems You Might Experience

Music is the food to our soul!

It is also a natural painkiller, so you can understand with benefits like this, we are all a little obsessed with music.

Plus, there is so much to explore.

You have your pops, hip-hop, indies, and classical.

Every soundtrack for every mood. Endless playlists and many more. Music could even be great at motivating people. Thus, you shouldn’t be facing any problem when there is so much to explore, right?

Listening To Music Online

Not entirely, especially when you are trying to stream music online, this is why you need to always keep your playlists downloaded.

Just imagine you are facing a streaming issue at the gym or on a long journey, and all you need is to put your headphones on and just listen.

What do you do then?

Well, sulk, I guess.

How about you learn about the different problems that you can face and then ensure that it doesn’t happen in situations like this.

Always Download Your Music!

Before we get into the problems that you might face while streaming online, here is a fair disclaimer from us to you.

If you are constantly facing issues while streaming music online, you should always download your playlist.

No, you do have to spend dollars after those music streaming services, simply download all your favorite songs from ipiratebay, and enjoy it whenever, wherever.

Pirate bay gives you a plethora of music to choose from. Plus, you can also explore some of the individual artists who are making their name through these free download and streaming services.

The best part is the download time is almost half of what those music streaming services will take.

These Are Some Of The Issues You Might Face While Streaming Music Online

Now that we have got that out of the way, here are some of the problems accounted for by daily streamers of these platforms.

1. Eats Up Data

Contrary to what you might believe, no, just because you aren’t streaming a video doesn’t mean that you are using less data than usual.

These music streaming services mostly stream high-quality HD music. This is not wrong, but you cannot change the quality to save your cellular data. Thus, if you are planning to listen to music all day, you might need a lot of internet data.

2. Continuous Advertisements

This is the most annoying factor, and these music streaming services are literally exploiting their customers to get them to pay for the high-end subscriptions.

This is not to bait you but to literally irritate you with so many unskippable advertisements that you are sunbelt to a single playlist decently without an annoying advertisement interrupting you.

3. Important Facilities Only For Premium Users

There are many facilities like high-quality music, access to early releases, and even downloads which are only kept for premium users.

This is again another way to make you pay for the premium services.

4. Songs & Albums Missing

In Spite of all the high prices they charge from their users, there is a possibility you might still not be satisfied with their services.

This is because there are so many songs that you might not even get on these streaming platforms. There are artists and both indie and mainstream who aren’t even there.

5. High Subscription Fees

Let’s say you finally decide that you will be paying for these subscriptions. Unfortunately, there are just too many advertisements that you cannot skip.

Have you seen the prices they are charging?

Yes, they do have collections of old classic songs, but maybe they are taking the ‘Old is gold’ saying a little too literally.

6. You Are Not Helping The Artist

You might think that a portion of your paid subscription amount is going to your favorite artists.

However, you are wrong!

They not only exploit you but your favorite artist as well.

7. The Playlists Aren’t That Great

Yes, coming to the last point, you are downloading these streaming platforms and paying for the high-priced subscriptions for some good ready made playlists, right?

Well, you are up for a big disappointment since their playlists are nothing out of the ordinary.

Download Don’t Stream!

This is why we always suggest you download music from free domains like pirate bay.

Pirate bay also has indie artists trying to find their exposure. Thus, you will also be doing some good to these talented artists, all the while playing your favorite songs for free.

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