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Link Building in 2019

If you don’t have a finely tuned and comprehensive link building strategy for the upcoming year of 2019, then you might want to start developing one. Link building is still the most powerful offsite search engine optimization strategy available. You can’t get sloppy with your link building strategy, however, as this could bring a heavy search engine ranking penalty on to your website. Instead, link building should be treated like brain surgery or painting a masterpiece, only the most delicate hand should proceed.

Link Building

The Top 5 Best Link Building Strategies For 2019

  1. Stick with Evergreen Content – What is evergreen content you might ask? Evergreen content is content that always stays fresh. This type of content can draw in backlinks from other websites for years or even decades to come. If, for example, your content is time dated, it will only draw in backlinks for a limited amount of time, so it just isn’t as effective as evergreen content at generating an unlimited and unrestricted flow of backlinks.
  1. Out Hustle Your Competitors for Backlinks – The best way to take quality backlinks from your search engine ranking competitors is to build better content. The formula is simple, build better content, find out who links to your competitors, then let the website owners that posted the link know that you possess better content. You can send them a friendly email to let them know. Chances are, once they confirm that your content is indeed better, they will swap out your competitor’s link and replace with a link to your content.
  1. Ask Bloggers to Link to Your Content – At least once per week, you should send out a targeted email to bloggers asking them if they would be willing to link to your evergreen content. You can even hire a company to do this SEO work for you, such as using contextual link building with PureLinq. PureLinq is one of the best link building and SEO specialists out there and they can help you take your search engine rankings to the next level.
  1. The Broken Link Strategy – It is very easy to get a quality and authority website to link to you if you offer them something of value in return. While paying for links is frowned upon by all of the leading search engines, you can absolutely trade a favor for a favor. A highly effective strategy is to identify websites related to your own and try to see if they possess any broken links or faulty code. By helping them identify an error on their website, they will likely be much more willing to return a helping hand by adding a backlink to your website.
  1. Guest Posts Are Still a Great Strategy – While guest posting to gain backlinks is frowned upon when done with blogs that are in no way related to your own website, it can still be used effectively. The trick is to make sure that the blog is high quality and directly related to your own website. You also want to make sure when guest blogging that the blog willing to insert the backlink uses do-follow tags only, as that will ensure that the link passes a ranking boost on to your own website.
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