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Linebet ESports Betting Options

The market of betting and gambling is growing at a significant speed, as more people are getting involved in this process. The newest trend that is experiencing a decent increase in its popularity through the years is the ESports betting. Video games are becoming more and more popular with technological development, and this sphere has a huge fan base, which really finds interesting and joyful betting on their favorite teams during the tournaments and world class events. ESports betting and broad betting lines are presented on the Linebet ESports Betting platform. It includes both live betting and regular betting on ESports tournaments of the different levels. Widely recognized tournaments are presented on Linebet ESports as well as the medium and small regional tournaments. An increased variety of presented cyber sports covers all competitive ESports Events. The most popular ESports betting disciplines are the following: CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Linebet ESports betting sector will satisfy every gamer and gambler by its approach to the field of betting. All in all, the ESports sector is extremely popular right now and still gaining new players and customers. Linebet Bangladesh has proven itself as one of the best platforms for ESports betting activities.

Linebet ESports Betting

Popular Linebet ESports games and events

The most popular cyber sports games and events are a part of the Linebet ESports betting line. It covers more than 10 games and 100 events of the different tier. The most popular games and events are the following:

Cyber Sport discipline Game description Popular events and tournaments
DOTA 2 DOTA 2 is a multiplayer game in the genre called a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena), this is a team based game, every team has 5 players radiant and dark side, they are fighting between each other. Each player controls a special hero. The goal is to destroy opponents’ head building. This is a free to play game with significant players. This game is spread worldwide and popular for more than 10 years. The most specific part of that game is that players are really dedicated to it and their favorite teams. The International, ESL, Starladder, and many others.
Counter Strike Counter strike as a typical shooting game. There are two teams that are competing with each other in strategy and reaction. The first team is called “Terrorists” , the second one is called “Counter terrorists”. The full match is split into rounds. Before each match, the player chooses a “map” on which they are going to compete. In order to win a round a team should eliminate the enemy team in a battle. The players of Counter Strike are really patient and have good reflexes which helps them to have decent results in the game. They are also dedicated to their favorite teams and really do bet a lot. ECL, ESP, Starladder, Asian Championship, etc.
League of legends League of legends is the second MOBA game in this list. The play style and setting of the game is really similar to DOTA2. Some gaming mechanics slightly differ, but it is not a radical difference. It happened that those games are just spread between different regions. League of Legends World Championship, North America Championship, etc.
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is a battle royale action shooting game where 100 players compete with each other in a deathmatch mode till the last man standing. Players fight against each till the only one is alive on the map. Players can choose their weapons and clothes from an extended variety of really existing weapons. This game is more about survival rather than elimination. There are several types of strategies, but when it comes to survival a sneaky survival strategy makes it work here. As for the players, they started playing this game mostly after some gaming experience with the games on the list. safe to say that they enjoy ESports betting. EMEA Championship, Americas Series, etc.

What is the main difference between ESports and sports betting?

The popularity of cybersports has skyrocketed in recent years, and the flood of new fans has added to the number of people who bet. Actually the initial situation on the betting field is almost the same, practically it does not matter what you’re betting on, there is no significant difference between betting on cyber sports and more “traditional” sports. But, generally we can sort out the minor differences that exist. The main differences are the following ones:

  • Team crew changes – as for the regular sports, the process of the players change is pretty difficult and it is not that easy to switch players in the middle of the play season. In ESports, on the contrary, players change their teams really often. Some sports have transfer windows that allow you to buy or sell players. In cyber sports, there is no such window. Although players have contracts with teams, they can be bought out at any timeThis makes it difficult to predict the outcomes of the upcoming events;
  • Game updates and rules. the rules in football, hockey, or basketball rarely change, and you don’t have to track it and put a lot of attention to this point. But this doesn’t work for ESports. In cybersports, the games, the characters and maps are being changed oftenly. Betting on cybersports can be a challenge because the next update can drastically change the performance of certain players or teams. In traditional sports, it is quite easy to assess a player’s individual skills and track the improvement or decline in their performance. The difficulty with cyber sports is that it is difficult to assess what impact an update will have on different teams or players.In addition to updates in cyber sports games, it is also worth considering the frequent changes in team lineups.


Linebet ESports Betting provides a broad range of cyber sports betting opportunities. Every customer may utilize the live betting option and watch matches live and make good bets. The amount of events that are being covered by the Linebet betting line is really humongous. Customers may have an experience with betting on the small and medium tournaments as well as join betting activity on the world class tournaments and obtain a guaranteed money withdrawal after successful bets. As was already mentioned Linebet is a trustworthy service provider which has proven these conditions through the years of successful business.

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