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Legitimacy of Cricket Betting in India

India is what we tend to call a legal grey area when it comes to online betting. That’s because there is no specific law that prohibits online betting at the federal (i.e., countrywide) level.  However, a few states within India have specifically outlawed their citizens from betting online. So, it largely depends on where you are located and what the state laws in your area say about it.

Legitimacy of Cricket in India

Do You Need to Pay Taxes on Your Cricket Winnings?

The question of paying tax for any activity that is deemed illegal as per law does not arise at all since such an activity is banned. However, betting is legal in some states like Sikkim and you are liable to pay tax if you happen to win one. Besides, the Indian Gambling Act recognizes cricket betting (and some others like bets on horse racing) as games of “skill” and not “chance”, hence with necessary permission, one is entitled to set up commercial places for these games. If you profit beyond INR 9,999 in such sports games like cricket, you are liable to pay 30.9% tax as TDS.

Legal Sites for Cricket Betting in India

Legal Sites for Cricket Betting in India

Of course, statements of Indian law towards sports betting are all subject to change at any time, and there are many that want to see federal laws put in place – either to ban online betting entirely across the whole of India or to create a legal but regulated system so that online betting is made safer for all. So, it’s best to do research before playing and to keep an eye on the legal cricket betting sites which are 100% legit which won’t allow you to breach the Indian law. The short list of cricket betting sites is mentioned below.


Whether it is betting on the Indian Super League or the Indian Premier League, Parimatch India is the best site for online sports betting. Speaking about betting facilities, here it is super and efficient. Some of the features that you get here are:

  • Low bet amount: Parimatch allows you to start your betting journey with a small investment of INR 10. If you look at it practically, you don’t have to risk anything and can still make good profits.
  • Variety: Parimatch is filled with a variety of sports betting options. Here, you can bet on a wide range of sports, including cricket, football, hockey, basketball, boxing, wrestling, MMA and many more.
  • Instant cash transactions: Parimatch provides a smooth transaction facility, allowing you to quickly withdraw your money via the payment method of your choice.
  • Active customer support: Parimatch offers a 24×7 customer support helpline that is available to guide you through the process and help if you face any issues.


Another fantastic platform to bet on while observing through the ipl betting sites! Here are the main pros of the Betway:

  • Betway is pocket friendly. You can start with as little as INR 10.
  • You can find a wide variety of sports to bet on. Such as Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Rugby, Kabaddi, Tennis, Horse Racing, Wrestling, and many more.
  • You can get a bonus of upto INR 8,000 upon your first successful deposit. Proving Betway’s rewards are extremely generous.
  • Betway is very user friendly and extremely convenient to use.
  • You can withdraw your cash instantly using your preferred mode.


Bet365 is a fine site for placing bets on different sports. In our opinion, it is a really good site for someone who wishes for some extra money while enjoying ipl betting online. Here are the main reasons why Bet365 is suitable for IPL betting:

  • Bet365 comes from British origin. It was founded in 2000 by John, Denise, and Peter Coates.
  • Bet365 accumulates a large share of bettors and is one of the popular betting sites functioning right now.
  • The betting facility at this site is alright, and it also provides a cross-platform facility for placing bets.
  • Bet365 offers appealing bonuses and offers that allow a bettor to place bets with minimal investment.
  • Bet365 has a lot of variety when it comes to sports. Not just one or two, but you can bet on almost every sport
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