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Learn Who Is Responsible for Your ATV Accident

Riding an ATV is adventurous and thrilling. ATVs aren’t usually used for regular commutes on the road but are intended for off-roading adventures on designated trails and tracks. As much as ATV rides are exhilarating, they’re also very dangerous. Approximately 135,000 people are seriously injured, and more than 700 people are killed annually in ATV accidents. These numbers aren’t something that can be ignored.

Just like any other vehicle accident, you can get compensation under your auto insurance, but keep in mind that you will get compensated only if you can prove that the accident wasn’t because of your mistake.

ATV Accident

Proving who’s responsible for an ATV accident can be tricky because there are several possibilities as to who may be responsible for it. Click here to know more about ATV accidents and what to do after you get into an ATV accident.

Is There a Need for Compensation in ATV Accidents?

ATVs are usually used as recreational vehicles, which is why there’s uncertainty around whether or not there’s a need for compensation in the case of ATV accidents and what’s the procedure for it. Well, just like any other vehicle accident, you’re legally entitled to compensation in an ATV accident, but you’ve got to prove the other party’s negligence.

Whether or not one should seek compensation in ATV accidents isn’t even a question because, most of the time, ATV accidents lead to serious injuries to the driver, property, and people around them, and even death in many cases. It’s best to have ATV accidents covered under your auto insurance.

Who May Be Responsible for Your ATV Accident?

There are numerous possibilities around who may be responsible for your ATV accident. Let’s look at who the responsible parties may be:

ATV Driver

The first and often the most obvious individual responsible for an ATV accident is the person who’s driving the vehicle. If you were riding the ATV and the accident was due to your negligence or recklessness while driving, you’ll be held liable for all the loss, including the property damage, your injuries, and the injuries of any other people who got hurt during the accident. You may get partial compensation if you can prove that the fault was partially someone else’s, but if you fail to prove it, your compensation may be in jeopardy.

ATV Owner

Since ATVs are recreational vehicles, a lot of ATV owners rent their vehicles to others. If the person driving the vehicle gets into an accident, the ATV owner will be held responsible. The responsibility comes entirely to the owner if they handed over the ATV to an individual knowing they were inexperienced or underage or without ensuring their vehicle was in perfect working order.

Other ATV Drivers

If you’ve been in an ATV accident and you’re absolutely certain that the other ATV driver was at fault, you can provide the insurance company with all the relevant proof that it was the other driver’s fault. If you’re able to prove it, the other party will have to bear full responsibility for the accident, and they’ll compensate you in full. A reliable lawyer can help you collect evidence and prove negligence.

ATV Manufacturer

You can also hold the ATV manufacturer responsible for the accident if you suspect the vehicle was faulty. It could be due to a faulty part or an incomplete or irresponsible maintenance check on the manufacturer’s part that caused the accident. In that case, you’re legally entitled to full compensation, and the manufacturer has to bear all the expenses (medical, lost wages, and vehicle repair).

Final Word

ATV accidents can cause serious injuries and even death. If you’re a regular ATV rider, you need to ensure that you’ve got good insurance coverage and you’ve got a reliable personal injury lawyer on board because you never know when you may need them!


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