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Last Wish Raid – Is It Everything A Player Could Have Wished For?

The Last Wish is a part of Destiny 2: Forsaken and it is the first raid of the journey. It is undoubtedly one of the most challenging raids of the franchise and players can enter the raid after the end of the campaign. The players have to dive into the Dreaming City to slay Ahamkara, the beast that waits for them at the end. While the Last Wish is a unique raid and a wonderful end-game experience, there is no way one can waltz in and slay the beast (the last of its kind) without preparation. Teams will require weeks of practice and training to make it to the end.

Last Wish Raid - Is It Everything A Player Could Have Wished For

Power requirements

Unlike the necessary power level for entry, which is 520, the recommended power level for playing the Last Wish is 560. The power level requirement should tell you about the difficulty level of this raid. We are not saying it is impossible to clear the encounter with power lesser than the recommended level, but we are saying that it will take hours of practice and incredible skills on the part of the player to beat the game. The only way to make up for the power deficit is by honing the player’s abilities. Moreover, each encounter demands a power level that is higher by 5 Power than the last. By the end, you will require 580 Power.

Training for the raid

It is necessary to prepare for the encounters since you will need special weapons and perfect your team composition. For enemy or mob control you will need a Nightstalker with the tether. To increase the damage output and overshield, your team will need the Dawnblade Warlock. The Lunafaction Boots is a robust Warlock Exotic you will need during the raid. The Sunbreaker or the Sentinel class is necessary for the Titans for their team survival.

Weapons and resources

The requirement of high Power level is directly proportional to the flexibility of experimentation with the weapons. Players at high Power levels can unlock the Whisper of the Worm and the Sleeper Stimulant. These are exotic power weapons, but they can cause exponential levels of damage. While players can get by with a Badlander, it is a smarter decision to go with the Ikelos Shotgun for the energy slot. You can pick any weapon for the Kinetic Slot. Most players will understandably go with the Midnight Coup. You can also look for a Go Figure with Rampage and Outlaw. You can always equip these with Minor Spec mods to maximize the impact on the red-bar oppositions.

Which characters will your encounter?

  1. Kalli, The Corrupted

Power – 560

The first boss encounter in Destiny 2 Last Wish Raid is Kalli the corrupted. There are several things you will want to notice and follow, but keeping track of the events, is a tad bit confusing.

The primary objective of this level is to pair up and find the matching plates for the symbols in the center of the arena.

Here is what you need to do –

  • There are six symbols in the middle sunken space. Make a note of them.
  • There are plates around the arena with the six matching symbols.
  • Stand on these plates until a knight arrives. Then, kill him
  • Find safe rooms to hide during wiping and deal maximum damage possible. Continue this till the dawn of the next phase.
  • Repeat the process
  1. Shuro Chi, The Corrupted

Power – 565

The fight with Shuro Chi is unique as it is intriguing. Your team will have to face Shuro Chi in four-minute intervals. If the players fail to solve the puzzle within 4 minutes, they will lose. As you complete the puzzle room, the four-minute timer will reset.

Here is what the fight will look like –

  • Clear all odds and approach Shuro Chi.
  • Task one player with collecting the Eye of Riven
  • Remove Shuro Chi’s shield by using the Prism Weapon. Jump on the plate with it and shoot the player to your right to form the triangle that damages the shield.
  • Keep attacking until one part of Shuro Chi’s health is down. Then, the player with the Eye of Riven can use the Super to disrupt the team-wipe attack.
  • Next, enter the puzzle room and clear the odds. Two players should clear the odds.
  • Four players should complete the image by standing on the correct buttons.
  • Next, jump on the half-spheres to move to the next level.
  • Morgeth, The Spirekeeper

Power – 570

Once you have defeated Shuro Chi, you will reach the big door. All team members need to stand around it for the fight to begin. Keep killing since the glowing orbs will spawn. Morgeth throws tornadoes at the players, and you will need to use the Taken Essence Orbs to free the free the tornado-trapped players.

Interestingly, when you release the players, you get the Taken Strength. The more number of Taken Strength you possess, the more potential damage you can cause. Remember to remove all glowing orbs from in front of the boss. It will compromise his immunity. If his strength reaches full, he will be able to wipe everyone.

Here is what you need to do after you reach the top of the observatory to infiltrate the vault –

  • Find the mechanism in the middle of the room. Stand on the blue pressure plates. As it starts to turn, it triggers the vault security mechanism. Once the timer runs out, it will wipe.
  • As the enemies start showing, defeat them.
  • Kill the Eye of Riven and take the Taken Essence orb.
  • Return to central room using the tunnels.
  • Taking the Orb will spawn the Might of Riven. He will make a bee-line towards the central glowing plates. Stop him before he reaches that. As soon as he manages to stick his sword into the gleaming plates, it will wipe your team.
  • Use a grenade attack with the orb to cleanse it.
  • The symbols on the plates will guide you with the mechanism and order of the cleansing process.
  • Use the Penumbra buff to cleanse the plate with the symbol in the middle, if it is on the left. If it is on the right, clean it with the Anthumbra buff.
  • Clearing all three plates will reset the timer at this stage. 
  1. Riven of a Thousand Voices

Power – 580

The final boss is intimidating in size. The better way to face him is by dividing your team into two. There are two rooms, and you should send one part of your team to each level. Here is what you need to do next –

  • Focus on the ads. Keep an eye out for the Eye of Riven. When it appears, kill.
  • Take the Taken Essence orb. Grab it when the Eye of Riven drops it after the attack.
  • Let one player grab the orb. Keep your eye on the insignia on the viewing platform.
  • Tell the team which insignia appeared.
  • One player should be on the platform to guide the player with the orb to the right emblem.
  • It should make the boss weak.
  • When Riven of a Thousand voices uses the tentacle attack, aim for the tentacles.
  • The flaps will unfold. Seize the moment and note the small glowing eyes. Call them out to your team.
  • The boss will appear in the second room. Shoot the mouth and aim for the eyes that you had called out when they glowed.
  • Move through the arenas and repeat the process.
  • You will find yourself in free fall. Then, shoot the glowing appendages on the Riven.

The final journey – Queenswalk

Once you have defeated the Riven of a Thousand Voices, you will have to carry the special orb till the end. The stone will name the player, who is supposed to be the bearer. When the right player grabs it, the timer will start. As it runs out, you will find yourself in another realm. The stone will mention another name. And this will continue till the orb forms a bubble.

Any player, who finds himself or herself outside the bubble will get a debuff stack. The player will die once the stack makes it to 10. The whole team needs to stay close to the orb at all times since the bubble does not come with an announcement.

The objective is to hold onto the orb for as long as possible so the final player can make it to the Queenswalk with it.

The raid is undoubtedly tricky, and it might even be one of the most challenging raids you have come across. However, with this walkthrough, you should be able to prepare your team for all the bosses, attacks, vault mechanisms and more. Oh, do not forget the secret chest raids, like all other raids before. However, if you are expecting powerful weapons drops, you will be disappointed. The drops only happen when you drop a boss!

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