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KSI and Logan Paul’s Drink: New Hydration Beverage Released:

One of the most hobbling topics on YouTube is about the arch nemesis KSI and Logan Paul. Their rivalry has always been in the limelight as people tend to get more intriguing and speculative about that. Anything that blows out as a rumor connected with this would be blown out of proportion. The final chapter has become the rage of millennials that any tiny reference to it is screaming in the air for more focus.

KSI and Logan Paul’s Drink

It has been a tantalizing affair when these people get ready for a one-off within themselves. People have waited with bated breath to finally catch the live action of the boxing match when the Final chapter was name-dropped. However, the recent announcement does not seem to be linked with the matches that are upcoming but is more to do with the energy drink that is set for release.

This may seem a little offbeat for it sports unconventional news from boxers like this. However, it has its own share of excitement that is plunging everyone in its wake to make them know how to buy that drink. The curiosity has tugged people to some extent, and the ones who are really keen to know can crash this article to dig for more information on the same.

Prime Hydration Drink:

They both are individual boxers and they launched their own drinks a few years back. KSI released a Vodka while Logan promoted his perch maverick. Any collaboration could have been impossible considering the kind of rivalry they had between the two boxers. However, these people are known for such capricious behaviours for the surprises they throw at each instance.

Prime Hydration Drink

Now they have come up with this new sports hydration drink known as prime hydration. This is a sports beverage that has been promised to beat any competitors along the same line. KSI claims to have topped all the other competitors with this one.

Release of Prime Drink:

Release of Prime Drink

The announcement happened on January 4th, 2022 at 11 am. As soon as the announcement was made on Instagram, people swamped the website and ordered it on an influx. Now the website shows fully sold out and seems like it ran out of stock with so many hurrying up on the sale. Restocking will be done in a few days and until then people may have to wait to leverage on the sale.

How can you buy the drink?

These two rivals have come together to promote this drink keeping aside their rivalry for their business collaboration. This seems to be their supreme goal as it has brought about the unity of these rivals and also has buzzed people all over with some amount of enthusiasm to buy it. The only avenue where the drink would be available is the prime hydration website where all forms of check-out and sticks are available on the page.

How can you buy the drink

They are also readily available in the important stores and shopping forums of the USA. Walmart, Target, Kroger, CVS, GNC, and Vitamin Shoppe are some of the readily available stores. Tesco and ASDA will have their stocks in the near future.

Availability in other countries:

Availability in other countries

This drink seems to have become a rage not just in America but is also fast progressing in the ranks in other countries as well. India is supposed to be one of the main contenders for the sale of this drink and would probably stay up in line for sale in a few days. Many people across the world in different countries have been craving it ever since the announcement sparked the focus on many. It has spiraled into one of the most sought-after products of the millennials who are looking at every chance to seize it and buy it with an immediate effect.

When it will be restocked?

Currently, there seems to be no stock available for purchase as 3 million bottles were purchased in a jiffy. However, the louder noises seem to be coming from people as to when will they be available for purchase ever since it has become a universal demand. Business partners have themselves announced that it will be in the stocks for sale very soon and people are waiting to bounce on it once that happens.

Prebooking on the slots is also an available option given the kind of buzz it has created. The restocking would also be done every month and would be announced prior to its refilling so that people are on the track to buying it once the sales open in full swing.

KSI and Logan Paul’s Drink restocked

It is said to be available at all Walmart across the country in a few days’ time. People can swarm into the doors of Walmart and can pile up their carts on the drink without much ado. They have to check whether the one in the neighborhood has the stock to rush their purchase on it.

It costs $29 and is touted to be the most energetic drink that fuels your lifestyle in all possible ways. The business partners have claimed that they have worked straight long hours and years together to launch this. They also have cut deals with many marketers across the world as they endorsed it to reach a wider audience elsewhere.

Are they up for a rival match?

rival match

The names KSI and Logan ring an alarm bell with everyone as their one-off seems to have sparked the interest of many. However, they are keen on staying the course and keeping it closed when it comes to another match for their focus is diverted on sales of this drink. It has been slightly disappointing for the fans who were looking for a duel between the two, but their collaboration has evoked a different kind of curiosity amongst the masses who have been diverted towards this cause rather than the match. They all are more interested to know about the drink as they wait out to pile up on the drink before they zone their focus on matches.


More information about the drink has filled the article pages for people to get any details on the same. All the important matters regarding the drink will be filled on the web page without any delays. All you have to do is just have a constant sneak peek at the website to get the information on a ready-to-bounce effect so that they are up for purchase.


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