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Know If A Career In Strategic Marketing Is The Right Option For You

A career in strategic marketing can take you in different directions as it is comprised of many facets and activities. The sense of ownership with the understanding of customer’s needs and desires is the foremost important trait of the marketing professionals. They are able to translate the needs of their clients in communication through their marketing strategies.

Career In Strategic Marketing

You can find numerous opportunities in the strategic marketing field and some of them are listed below in the following categories:

  1. Market Research:The experts in this domain research the intended target audience which could be a company or an individual. It is a must to understand the market before making any investments as it will help the investor in the process of understanding the consumer, their behavior, and needs. The research will provide you the graph of your consumer’s purchasing and how they view themselves in relation to the rest of the world. Market research is conducted by reviewing studies, surveys, and focus groups to collect data on a specific brand’s target. Companies usually hire firms specialized in this domain to conduct market research.

Jobs roles in market research:

  • Market Research Director
  • Market Research Manager
  • Market Research Supervisor
  • Market Analyst
  1. Brand Management:The consumer products industry requires brand managers as they assume the responsibility for a brand. They instill the brand’s essence by identifying marketing opportunities and map out their competitors in their brand’s category. Communicate the unique benefits of their product or service to their potential client’s is also a part of their job. They guide the market research team by setting the agenda including the video clips, pictures, product samples, and product-benefit statements. They develop a marketing strategy by analyzing the data collected.

Jobs roles in Brand Management:

  • Brand Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Product Development Manager
  1. Promotions:Clear thinking, creativity, and quick response are some of the most valued traits in this industry. A dedicated promotions team is hired by marketing firms to handle most of the promotion-related queries. They create programs for uniting advertising strategies with the purchase incentives including the samples, rebates, coupons, special discounts, gifts with purchase, and sweepstakes. Promotions team employs different platforms to promote these programs like telemarketing, advertisements, direct mail, in-store displays, product endorsements, and special kick-off events.

Jobs roles in Promotions:

  • Promotions Director
  • Promotions Assistant
  • Public Relations
  1. Public Relations:The experts in this domain manage communication with the consumers, investors, media, employees, and the general public. They act as a spokesperson for the company, write press releases for promoting new products, keep the investment community informed of business partnerships, financial results, and the other news related to the company. They spend most of their time responding to information requests or pitching stories for media.

Job roles in Public Relations:

  • Account Coordinator or Public Relations Coordinator
  • Account Executive
  • Media Relations
  • Director, Vice-President
  • Government PR Departments
  • PR Consultant
  1. Advertising:They handle everything from the basic concept, crafting a marketing strategy until the execution of the strategy. A career in advertising involves a variety of compensation based job profiles depending on the level of your creativity, performance, networking capabilities, travel, and the satisfaction of one’s personal accomplishments. Advertising experts are hired by media organizations, advertising agencies, non­profit organizations, advertising departments in business firms, and marketing research firms.

Jobs roles in Advertising:

  • Advertising Managers
  • Advertising Sales Director
  • Account Executives
  • Account Planners
  • Media Director
  • Media Coordinator
  • Media Buyers

So, if you think that the above-mentioned career paths are the perfect fit for you, pursue M.A. in strategic marketing to delve deeper into this industry.

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