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Know How HBO Max Subscription Can Benefit Users?

Want to Enjoy HBO MAX Student Discount?

HBO Max Subscription

“How much is HBO Student Discount?” is the most exciting question for students since they enjoy watching their favorite HBO series at low prices. All age groups have been using the streaming service more and more, but college and university students are the main categories that are fond of it.

HBO Max launched in May 2020, might not be the most popular or very much liked streaming service available, but it might be quite worthwhile. All of HBO’s TV programs like Sex and the City, Game of Thrones, and others, are accessible to HBO Max subscribers. In fact, even without the student discount, viewers may enjoy it. Know more by reading below!

What does the HBO Max discount mean? (Student)

The best way to continue with all your favorite series is with HBO Max. Users can use any device to view it at anytime, anywhere. And it’s now much affordable than before!

With HBO Max, users will have access to a few prominent and spoken-of Television shows and motion movies like The Righteous Gemstones, Watchmen, and movies, such as A Star, Is Born and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Also, more original programs are on the way like Issa Rae’s PEN15, a new program that follows two downgraded middle school students who are 13 years old and create a fantasy companion named Carl. It will be fantastic! Students can prepare themselves for something new and unique.

Steps to Receive HBO Student Discount?

  • There are only two simple methods to follow if students want to receive the HBO student discount:
  • Visit ‘’ and create a profile by completing the necessary fields.
  • Students who sign up will get an email verifying their membership. Confirm the email address by clicking the link in it, within 24 hours of getting the confirmation email.

Why do Students need HBO Max?


HBO Max is a fantastic way for students to calm and chill out. Students may watch their favorite programs whenever they want thanks to the large selection of episodes and films available. Additionally, they can take advantage of exclusive content that isn’t offered by other streaming providers!

  • HBO Max is among the cost-effective top streaming services.
  • Students can receive HBO Max at a great discounted rate.
  • It has a broad range of movies and TV shows from the huge hit series like Westworld or True Detective, Game of Thrones, and also iconic original movies like Vice and Fahrenheit 11/9, Barry.

It also comprises live sports events like NCAA Basketball Tournament or Monday Night Football coverage – all easily available in HD quality images (Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound audio). Students can choose the selection on the provided offer before joining by viewing free episodes here online:

HBO Max Student Discount – Features

For students, HBO Max has several useful features.

  • The first characteristic is that it has the best entertainment-related content available, which accounts for its popularity among watchers and viewers in general.
  • Its affordability, which includes a student discount on the subscription price, is the second feature.
  • The third benefit is that HBO Max gives customers entertainment to chill out with after a long day at work or school.

The best TV episodes and movies are available on HBO Max, a premium streaming subscription. When users sign up for HBO max as their preferred streaming service, they can take advantage of an HBO student discount and enjoy unlimited access to all types of entertainment at no additional cost!

HBO Max Plans & Pricing

HBO Max Plans & Pricing

  • At the time of writing, HBO Max has three different pricing tiers for its subscribers.
  • Users can select between the HBO Max Platinum plan, HBO Max Standard plan, or HBO Max Gold plan when using HBO Max.
  • If users want different students to take benefit from the reduced rates, they must obtain distinct student discounts for each one since each household is only eligible for one HBO Max Student Discount.
  • The subscribers of HBO Max have to pay no fees for the subscription.
  • HBO Club Max through QVC: Avail discount for the entire family
  • Users can get up to a $15 discount for each additional member if they hold the same address & subscribe to QVC channel on their cable (don’t share a password with them).
  • As was already said, HBO Max is a relatively recent streaming service to hit the market. Learning about student discounts is made simpler due to this.
  • The website and some of the advertising both make the student discount evident. This suggests that if people come across one of these advertisements while browsing the web, there is a good chance they will also notice its link.
  • The graphic above makes the HBO Max student discount rather clear.

There are several cheaper alternatives to purchasing HBO Max, but these options are only viable for people who are full-time college students.

Wanna save money on the ‘HBO Max Subscription’? Know How…

HBO Max still doesn’t need users to pay a large sum of money to subscribe, even though student discounts are no longer offered. Still, there are a few methods to save money on the HBO Max package of choice:

1. Annual Plan is more Beneficial than using Monthly Payments:

Annual Plan is more Beneficial than using Monthly Payments

Users can save quite a bit of money if they decide to sign up on HBO Max for the entire year. Users might save $20 over the course of a year by choosing HBO Max with advertising, which costs $99.9/year. If users choose the ad-free option, they will pay $149.99/year, which equals about $30 less than yearly payments made in installments.

2. Get HBO Max Deals:

Get HBO Max Deals

It would be worthwhile to keep a look out for future discounts from subscription services since they frequently provide them to their customers. There will probably be another HBO student discount in the future.

3. The HBO Max Promo Code:

The HBO Max Promo Code

Users might be able to locate an HBO Max promo code online that they can use to get the membership for less money.

4. Change the Payment Method:

Change the Payment Method

Users can collect Cashback on their purchases with some credit card types; the specifics of how this works vary by card, so they would need to research the Cashback choices offered by their credit card. However, if appropriate, users can be entitled to receive a portion of their monthly fee refunded.


Users can still purchase the two regular subscription plans—ad-free and standard. Users can check out Apple TV, Paramount Plus, Hulu, and other streaming services for student discounts in that instance. Users are surely lucky if they come across an old account that purchased an item at the student discount pricing at the time.


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