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Key PWA Benefits

PWA technology implies the creation of a certain combination: traditional website with a native mobile app. With the help of PWA, it becomes possible to integrate the functionality of mobile applications into the structure of a traditional website. Thanks to this feature, the resource is able to work correctly, quickly, and efficiently on a gadget with any operating system. The moment a user visits a resource using a laptop or personal computer, it looks like a familiar website. At the same time, when accessing the resource from any mobile device, the user will be allowed to use a convenient and modern PWA application.

Distinctive features of PWA from native apps

Experts note that in recent years Progressive Web Apps have been actively catching up with native apps in popularity, occupying leading positions in the field of eCommerce.

PWA technology is perfectly comparable to any gadget, regardless of the browser used and the display-diagonal. In turn, native apps have several features and disadvantages compared to PWA:

  • specific requirements and features for the installation;

  • to install native applications, you will need to visit a special application store followed by the installation process;

  • building native apps is noticeably slower.

The popularization of PWA technology continues to actively develop due to the simplicity and speed of creation, as well as the absence of restrictions in working with any device.

Benefits of PWA technology

Custom pages for a PWA-powered resource look the same on all Internet-facing devices. From here we get the main advantage of the system – there is no need to create lots of separate products for various operating systems and their further support.

Google has found that more than 57% of users close websites if their pages take more than three seconds to load. In the case of progressive web applications, this will take much less time, which will have a positive impact on user traffic.

The next important advantage for users is the ability to quickly install on a mobile device. To do this, just press the “Add to screen” button and on the desktop, there will be a button for instant access to the website.

Offline mode is another point that has made PWAs widely recognized and popular. In online mode, the PWA is capable of updating and syncing data in the cache. This allows visitors to work with the resource even offline.

Another important point is the ability to receive pop-up notifications. This is very convenient for online stores, which in this way can notify their users about upcoming special offers, important events, and news. By using pop-up notifications, companies can significantly increase conversions and improve user experience.

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