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Key Advantages To Auto Dialer Software

An auto dialer is a digital service or computer software that pulls phone numbers from a digital database and either dials the number directly or delivers the information to the screen of a call center representative for manual dialing. When the call is picked up, auto dialers play a pre-recorded message, which eventually leads to a live person if the listener chooses so.

Key Advantages To Auto Dialer Software

Auto dialers work for research purposes, as well. With a fully automated system, the system dials, the call is answered, information is shared, and the listener chooses whether or not to move forward with the request. Research and opinion gathering utilizes auto dialer in this manner.

The dialers are part of computer telephony integration (CTI) technology. The connection to the phone system and software creates streamlined marketing, service, order follow-up, and other customer service needs. More advanced systems detect a live answer and immediately transfer the call to a representative. This artificial intelligence allows a company to call many more prospects and customers, but carry a smaller staff to answer live calls.

A negative light shines on auto dialer systems because many telemarketing campaigns utilize the technology. The calls feel invasive to some, but more positive uses exist.

Programs used by schools deliver mass messages to parents about events and emergencies. Other programs connect a doctor with a patient for medication and appointment reminders. This use goes so far as to make daily calls to elderly patients when it’s time to take medications. Once every few years, politicians take auto dialers for a spin. With a database of relevant residents, a politicians message reaches many times more people than live calls.

Why does a business need an auto dialer?

Companies are running and growing at a pace that makes it nearly impossible to staff enough call center representatives to handle incoming calls. Businesses also employ such software when moving customer service from overseas to the United States (US). The price for US labor is higher, but with auto dialers handling the majority of calls and giving representatives time to complete a call before another is inline means fewer agents are needed so the company can maintain or reduce call center costs.

Why should callers approve of auto dialers?

The real mountain to climb when business to consumer (B2C) companies switch to automation is disdain. Customers want to speak with a representative the moment the system picks up the call. What callers don’t know is average wait times drop with call automation. As the caller presses a few buttons, the representative uses the time to complete the previous call, and a live voice is there as soon as the caller progresses through the prompts.

Types of auto dialer software for call center

Not every auto dialer software for call center is the same. Some offer basic functionality, while others are decked out with amazing artificial intelligence features.

A smart system is capable of processing multiple functions at once, such as routing numerous calls simultaneously, transfer calls to agents when the appropriate key or series of answers leads to a representative, and playing recordings and prompts when a live person answers the call or while the caller is on hold, if applicable.

Telemarketing features, or automatically-dialed calls, come from an extensive database of potential customers. When the recipient shows interest in the product or service, the call transfers to a representative for further discussion.

With a semi-automatic system, the call dials when the call center representative clicks a button on the computer screen.

Some claim that auto dialing systems increase time on call more than 200 percent. A company’s credibility grows as caller greetings are uniform and reflect the company and industry standards. The consistency delivered with auto dialers improves call retention rate, reduces handle and expected-wait times, and decreases overall cost per call.

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