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Kar98 vs. M24- Which One Is A Better Rifle Than PUBG?

If you’re a pro player in PUBG (Player Unknowns Battleground), you must have heard about these two rifles Kar98 and M24. These two are the most popular and commonly used rifles in PUBG. Not only do these rifles will help you survive in the game, but they will also enhance your gameplay.

Kar98 vs. M24

There are many other combinations of guns like Beryl, AKM, SMGs and M416. In PUBG, the most popular and deadly cartridges used by rifles is 7.62mm. And I want to inform you that Kar98 and M24 are the two rifles that use 7.62mm cartridges.

That means these rifles are the deadliest ones in the game. Due to their destructive behaviour, they both are always in the debates about which one is better. So, in this article, I’ll show you which rifle is the best in PUBG.

Kar98 vs M24- Introduction

Let’s look at the introduction for both the snipers.


M24 is one of the best rifles in the PUBG game that has a base damage of 82.

You can kill a player wearing a level 2 helmet with this rifle. However, it can’t damage a player wearing a level 3 helmet, but it can leave it with a 4% health.

The mag size for M24 is 5, which can extend up to 7. Therefore, the reload time of this rifle is more extensive than other rifles.

M24 does not have an iron sight. So we cannot use it without a red dot sight.


On the other hand, this rifle is classic and uses 7.62mm cartridges. It can damage up to 79, which is less than M24.

With this rifle, you can kill a player wearing a level 2 helmet. However, it is not dangerous enough to kill a player wearing a level 3 helmet.

But it can damage and leave the player with 5% health. If you are equipped this sniper with a bullet loop, it has the lowest reloading time.

The rifle comes with the best iron sight that can give slightly more extensive damage.

Kar98 vs. M24- Which is the better one?

Below, we’ll cover some points that’ll help you choose the better rifle and dominate the game.

1. Attachments

If we talk about the attachments for both rifles, M24 comes with a magazine extension that decreases its reload time.

Whereas, in Kar-98, there is nothing like an extended magazine. Both the rifles come with suppressor support that helps in muting the sound.

2. Damage

The body damage of Kar-98 is slightly lower than M24. However, when it comes to the headshot, again, M24 wins.

M24 is more destructive due to its base damage of 82. However, you can kill a player wearing a level 2 helmet with both these rifles.

3. Accuracy

Talking about the accuracy, the M24 has a higher bullet velocity than another rifle.

That means the M24 is more accurate than Kar-98. It is the only reason most players use M24 in tournaments.

Another reason for using this sniper is that M24 has better control than another one.

4. Iron sight

M24 does not come with an iron sight. Actually, it comes with something on the upper rail of the gun.

However, it looks like an iron sight, but it has some misalignment. On the other hand, Kar98 comes with an iron sight. The iron sight will help you quickly snipe.

However, it will not give you a good view, but still, you can do it without any scope.

5. Barrel length

Talking about barrel length, it is longer in M24. So if you’re using it from home, M24 can expose you.

On the other hand, Kar-98 has a shorter barrel length than M24. A shorter barrel length will provide you with better usability.

Wrapping up

The bottom line is that M24 is a magazine loaded version with better stats. That means it will deliver more extensive body damage. Moreover, it has a higher velocity and reloading time.

If you are stuck in a situation where killing is essential, you must choose Kar98. On the other hand, you can use an M24 if you’re in a tight spot where enemies push from different directions.

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