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KameyMall and its Splendid Features

Online shopping has become the bellwether of today’s generation with the pandemic swirling around the world in all its fury. Cross-border online shopping across different countries has been on the rise in recent times with an incessant upsurge in the demands of overseas buyers. It is a different world of shopping zone that offers a larger scope for buyers to explore different products from across the world and also across the remote corners of the world. One such exceptional shopping option that has been rife around the world is KameyMall from Chenjia Trading Co, LTD. This is originated in China and is touted as one of the large-scale online shopping websites which bestow users with opportunities to buy anything they desire without any ado.

One of the best aspects and benefits of this company is it accepts payment only after the full transaction is complete. It validates the expectations of seller & buyer and treats both of them with equal stakes while ensuring the satisfaction of both of them before accepting the money. It has wide coverage across 220 different countries and is still trying to expand its horizons to cover every region.

Being a direct customer service company with a B2C attribute, it covers almost 30 first-level industries ranging from apparel to accessories and furnishings, etc. This has been established by Xu Jiamo and has sprawled its territory to every possible international trade and internet industry across the world. The business team which helms the company is adept at handling internet research and also knowing about the demands of the overseas buyers that it does the best job fulfilling the promise of both suppliers and buyers equally.


This company is one of the best cross-border e-commerce platforms with the beautiful blend of brand operation and commerce springing up in actions at its best. It has the best R&D, production, and sales team to support all its operations to serve the best interest of customers without any glitches. Like mentioned before, it is a B2C business model company that tops the ranks in supply chains, sales, and service at ease and delivers to the expectation of the buyers to the maximum.

People of today’s generation seek more comprehensive purchasing by getting profound and useful information about the products before they venture into buying them. Channel shopping has become the trend of recent times, and easy access to product information deems necessary even before zeroing in on the product to buy. In KameyMall, it is easy to obtain any product information and the different brand of products to go with it without any arduous effort from the customer’s side.

The type of products it basically has a grip over includes sports shoes, clothing, bags, accessories, and different other barrages of products that are consumed in Europe, America, and the Middle East.

Company culture and marketable products:

The company as such tries its best to create a convenient shopping experience for the customers. The quality is not compromised even to bits and definitely works as a catalyst for the better life of the consumers in all proportions.

The goal and the target of the company are to be known and popularized as a global shopping forum and to serve people even in remote corners of the world without any difficulty. The company basically retains and respects the policy of good health, safety, and best quality to extremes without any slightest of compromises or tangible defects. The service provided is honest & clear and it does not entertain anything unprofessional in any sense.

The distribution products of the shop range across 30 different industries with all possible important categories that dominate the mainstream demands of the people across the world. The most prominent ones of them all include Clothing, home furnishing, apparel, beauty & health, jewellery, accessories, watches, electronics, and computer networks.

It also possesses other miscellaneous items including lamps, bags, and automobile accessories which are marketed and sold elsewhere. There are some restricted goods that basically go through lots of pre-approval validation like operation and national permits. Authorization with respect to trademarks, copyrights, and patents deem necessary for products to be released and marketed globally.

The transaction method:

The transaction and check-out happen through PayPal which has been integrated into the shop interface. The whole procedure of transaction happens in about 7 to 14 days depending on the distance the product has to travel and what product has been sold out.

The buyers navigate to the shop interface and choose their orders according to their wits and needs. They can either go for a wholesale package or demand a small amount of the commodities. The declaration of the customers happens through express delivery with some small deposit of money.

The discount money is actually based on the volume of the network and the product purchased. Some products can be exempted from customs protocols and procedures if they have a very small quantity to be commuted. Large quantities of products basically undergo a lot of channel procedures with all their due taxes paid promptly while transferring.



The registration for this online shop is simple and efficient. All the prerequisites that have to be in place are corporate business license, legal person ID, and small deposit which is temporary.

The below steps will clearly indicate the protocols to register an account:

  1. Navigate to the official website homepage.
  2. Type the mail address.
  3. It will demand a verification which will be guided instruction that has to be followed.
  4. The Create Account tab will be clicked after that procedure.
  5. The registration would be over and you will officially own a KameyMall account.

Any kind of glitches in the above method involves troubleshooting according to the problem that persists.

One such major issue that would pop up frequently is the Forgot password or Password reset. These two procedures will be available below the registration form and can be availed when necessary.

If any security breach is detected, verifying your credentials would be a very significant step to alleviate and mitigate such issues. Verification has to be done prior and also in case of any abnormal activities detected.

The shop website supports all kinds of social media accounts of the individual after a thorough security validation of his identity and SNS.

KameyMall Registration

Feedback procedures:

KameyMall Feedback procedures

Feedback deems important for this online venture as the company vows and delivers upon the needs of the customers. Feedbacks of the products work as the building blocks and parasites for successful transactions to elevate the standards of the shop and fulfil the expectations of the buyers. Below procedures clearly indicate how you fill the feedback.

  1. Log in to the homepage and navigate to My Order.
  2. Navigate to Manage feedback and the order waiting for feedback.
  3. Leave feedback button will appear which has to be clicked.
  4. The space will open up to give your valuable comments and the order will be completed then.

Description of the products with uploaded images and catalogues can also be filled in the feedback. The order details filled on the feedback forums help a great deal for the company and also other customers waiting in line to undergo business in the future.

Feedbacks are viewed on the published feedback page, and it helps to track the satisfaction of the sellers and buyers in totality. You can post long feedback on the post feedback page and have it viewed after the transaction is complete.

Disclaimer: Feedback blackmail is strictly prohibited. Any concerns with the product or the seller have to be dealt with privately as that will be the immediate channel for recovery in any adverse case or scenario.


KameyMall is a great online shop that has had a great opening venture and continues to strive for its good stature across the world. It has become a most popular and demanding online transaction company in recent times and has elevated its service to suit the needs and requisites of buyers all over the world. Overseas shopping is the trend now and cross-border products gain a lot of access through shopping venues like this which helps a great deal to bridge the gaps of the international shopping arena that prevails today.

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