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Juice up Your Smartphone Tangle-Free: Top Features You Should Look For in a Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers seem almost too good to be a reality even in the 21st century. The conventional wired charger comes with too many drawbacks to be taken seriously as a “smartphone” charger. The technology and the basic concept of plugging in your phone via a wired connection cannot be considered “smart” anymore.

The present generation of bleeding-edge technology has given birth to some of the most innovative and unique inventions to swap out the decades-long “wired” digital products. With the relevance of smartphones escalating every year, their related accessories also share the equivalent spotlight. Therefore, the smartphone accessories market has earned huge profits in the past few years. Smartphone users are always in need of accessories, so they look for stores that sell genuine products. If you are also searching for a wireless charger for iPhone or Android then visit

The wireless charger has completely revolutionized the simple procedure of plugging in your device to charge up your smartphone’s battery. A magical pod that automatically refills the battery as soon as you place your device on top of it seems like a technology that came straight out of a movie. The convenience of leaving your device completely cable-free to juice up the battery is too tempting a deal for anyone to pass.

However, cutting-edge technologies come at a cost. Hence, wireless chargers are not exactly “affordable,” especially if you want to invest your money on a good and reliable product. There are, however, some specific websites such as offers some of the best value-for-money wireless chargers.

Here are some of the factors to keep in mind before you can go out hunting online for a wireless charging pod.

• Check Your Phone’s compatibility

As alluring as charging your device wirelessly may sound, it comes with one specific catch – your smartphone’s compatibility. Just because your device is “smart” does not necessarily mean it supports wireless charging. Many tech newbies simply purchase wireless pods only to realize their specific phone model does not support its charging features. Thus, it is vital to check your particular device spec sheet to see if it supports wireless charging.

• Check for genuine certification

If you’re new to the wireless charging market, you should make it a point to understand the standard certification that comes with every genuine wireless pod. The WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) Qi standard is the official label that comes with every wireless charger to indicate its authenticity and effectiveness in charging your device. If the product is not labeled with such standards, you may be wasting your money on a piece of fancy equipment that makes zero contribution to your device battery level.

• Check the pod’s output rating

Besides from its optimal convenience factor, the other crucial feature that elevated the status of a wireless charger is its charging speed. No amount of convenience or tangle-free experience can make up for having to wait for the outstretched duration to charge up your device fully. At present, the standard output ratings of a wireless charger are about 5W and 7.5W. However, the regular Qi-standard supports output charge rating of up to 10W and 15W as well.

• Design

Wireless chargers come in two distinct design options – the flat rounded charging pad, and the vertical stands charger. The flat wireless charging pad is ideal for placing your phone on a flat surface, just like you would normally place it on your table. However, this means you would have to constantly interrupt the charging process as you would have to pick up the phone physically to respond to any notification alerts.

The stands charger performs the dual function of charging up your device as well as allowing you to perform basic actions such as texting without having to interrupt the charging process. However, this also means your phone is more prone to fall under any slight disturbances or uneven surface.

• Pricing

Wireless charging is one of the latest iterations in smartphone technology, and hence, it has become an extremely easy medium for some manufacturers to juke consumers with their pricing in exchange for some fancy features. The majority of the wireless chargers in the market at present offer sub-standard features at the cost of some hefty price tags. People spend up to $70-$80 (or more) on a basic wireless charging unit when they could just as easily purchase the equivalent product with a $30 price budget. Thus, it is vital to check the price-to-feature ratio before purchasing any wireless charging unit.

Suumit Shah
Suumit Shah
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