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It’s Not That Hard To Get And Keep Motivated For Essay Writing!

Recall how many boring, complicated things you have to do. We face it every day, starting with the morning run and finishing with cleaning in the apartment. This applies not only to humdrum moments but also to the studying process. What student is not discouraged when he sees “to write an essay for tomorrow on the topic .” in his schedule? The mood gets worse; we become sluggish. Sometimes we resort to tricks, we bail on it, and we come up with excuses for the teacher. But who suffers at the end? We. Because Fs are got more often, knowledge and skills are not improved, and the prospects for the bright future dissolve in the air.

What to do in such situations? No one likes to torture and force himself. Then you have to figure out how to motivate yourself. It is not easy; otherwise, all people would easily fulfill all their tasks, and it is more like a utopia. There are a few motivation tips prepared in collaboration with Essay4Us that will help youpull yourself together and finally write this annoying essay.

Set a clear goal

If you have it, you are aware where to move, and if you don’t? Where will you come then? “I have to write something so that tomorrow I won’t get F again – this is not what we need. Determine the theme of the essay, its style, if it is not set in the task. Calculate how much it should be. It will help you to calculate approximately how much time you will need, taking into account information retrieval, creative process, time for proofreading and small breaks.

Find or create a convenient place 

It is difficult to work and focus on a task when it is physically uncomfortable, cold or dark or too comfortable when you relax and the essay might be overshadowed. Any external factors should contribute to your workflow, and not distract from it. You should be pleased to be in this place, that is why focus on your preferences – the park, the table in the library, in your bedroom at home. Think about where you can work as efficiently as possible without being distracted and falling asleep.

Essay Writing

Get into an imaginary soap bubble

In order to fulfill any task quickly and efficiently, you need to concentrate on it all your attention. It is quite challenging to do this when someone speaks non-stop, loud cars are passing by, now and then lots of various notifications appear on your smartphone screen. You pretend that you do not exist for the whole world. Away from people and cars. Turn off all your gadgets. Nothing that urgent will occurs over the next two hours. Having provided yourself with silence, you will manage much faster and save your nerves as well.

Do not delay

You want to wash the dishes, but before that, you sit down to watch the next episode of your favorite TV show. And then one more and one more, until the night comes and the strength is enough only to go to bed. Do you recognize yourself? Postponing can stretch for an indefinite amount of time, and you do not start writing an essay. While you are watching the show, going for a walk or doing another “very urgent and necessary” thing, you’ll be gnawing at yourself for being weak-willed. It’s not like to do everything immediately and with a sense of accomplishment spend the rest of your time on your favorite things.

Do not think it’s hard

Lack of motivation appears when a person begins to exaggerate the complexity of the job. When he begins to spare himself, he remembers that this is only one item out of a million tasks that have to be done today. To start is always the hardest part. And when you also pre-adjust yourself to the fact that you will get terribly tired, lose a lot of time, it is easier to put up with failure than to engage in such a fight. Think positive and struggle to write the 1st paragraph, then everything will go like clockwork.

Small steps

Any success consists of many small victories. Divide your essay into several parts. After completing one step, thank and praise yourselffor the excellent work done. One and you have already written the introduction, two, and you are already finishing the fourth paragraph of the main part, three, and you have only to come up with a conclusion. In the blink of an eye, your essay will be completed, and you will feel both satisfaction and relief.

Give yourself an opportunity to take a breath

Continuing the previous advice, we recommend taking breaks after each step taken. Look out the window for 10-15 minutes, listen to a couple of your favorite tracks, think about something pleasant or do an easy warm-up exercise. You can set the alarm clock and have a rest every 45 minutes of work. The important thing is, do not prolong the break. Otherwise, it will be tough for you to concentrate again and return to work. In order not to complete the productive, creative period take a breath of fresh air, allow your eyes to rest and catch a new wave of inspiration.

Tune into success

Close your eyes. Imagine as if you have already written a beautiful essay, feel how nice it is for you to receive a grade A, the teacher andclassmates praise you for the excellent work. Continue fantasizing and draw in your imagination that your academic success has made you an honorary graduate who is in demand among the most successful companies as a hired employee. The essay is not the end of the story; this is what brings you closer to a successful career. Do you feel a rush of study motivation and inspiration – then act!

Think of how to reward yourself

To make the process easier and funnier do not forget to treat yourself. You can eat something delicious after every paragraph you write. You can promise yourself something more ambitious after you complete the essay – attend a great party in the evening, buy a T-shirt that you liked in the morning, call your friends and go to the movies. Think about what brings you great pleasure and what you have not done for a long time. The written essay might be a ticket for a pleasant evening and not continuous torture.

Poonam Bhosale
Poonam Bhosale
As Lead of Content department, Poonam follows a 3-year stint as a writer and editor of books, reports, special publications, and others at various organizations such as Brentwood Infoscribe, Grand View Research, and Crest Premedia. Her other interest are in Healthcare and Social Media domains. She is also a contributor to Greater Patchogue Daily. She can be reached at Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn |


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