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It Should Not Take More Than 15 Minutes To Create Your Shopify Online Store

Setting up a business is a tough exercise, and entrepreneurs must burn the midnight oil for days to set it up from the ground and get going. But if you are planning to start an E-commerce store, the experience will be quite the opposite because with help from Shopify experts Sunbowl you can get your online store up and running in the shortest possible time. Yes, creating your online store is so easy that you must go through the process of believing in it.  Without involving a web developer, you can create a website for selling your products online, just like any established e-commerce store. And you can do it in only 15 minutes, as many others have done.

It Should Not Take More Than 15 Minutes To Create Your Shopify Online Store

Latching on to opportunities on time is critical for business success. To achieve the target, you must have a platform like Shopify that is integrated with Amazon that allows you to set up and start your online store very fast. Gone are the days of spending weeks and months to design and launch websites. Today, it takes only a few minutes to see your dreams of setting up an online store come true.

Speedy wish fulfillment

Shopify understands the need for speeding up the process of setting up online stores. The platform provides features and functions that are so much user-friendly that it takes just a few clicks and taps to see how your business takes shape in the form of a beautiful website that serves as a full-fledged e-commerce store.  The plug and play software needs a little typing and few clicks to turn your dream into a reality as you can start selling products almost from the time your website’s maidenappearance on the web.

Test the waters first

There is nothing better than learning from experience, and you can acquire hands-on experience with the software before deciding about subscribing it. To gather confidence about what Shopify can do for you and understand its features and functionalities well before you take the plunge, Shopify allows users to take a 14-day free trial without any obligation. It is a great way to get a feel of the things so that you can evaluate how useful the platform will be in realizing your business goals.

Not for online store only

Since most of the businesses are now going online and e-commerce stores are trendy, the name Shopify has become synonymous with the setting up of online stores. However, bear in mind that Shopify can also partner you to set up a brick and mortar store. After you sign up for Shopify and provide the required details as well as store name, you must tell about yourself to Shopify to clarify whether it is an ongoing business and if you are already selling or is it a startup. Soon, it will ask you about whether you want to set up a brick and mortar store or an E-commerce store.

Once you have made your choice and go to the Shopify back end, you will be directed to a series of activities by clicking different options that culminate in the creation of your store.

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